sjw - social justice warriors

   sjw - social justice warriors: noun; those that use their real life and online time and energy, insisting that everyone else must march lockstep with a progressive agenda approved, politically correct way of life and thinking, or be shouted down until they succumb to this demand.
   with a generally limited knowledge of common sense reality, how an economy actually works, or how successful societies function, these pseudo-intellectuals are totally incapable of independent thought. they rarely come up with their own conclusions and simply glom on to the most popular progressive groupthink point of view, often with no real understanding or actual caring for what they now stand for. they typically repeat points from whoever/whatever is the most popular blogger, commenter, speaker, or dogpile of the moment, hoping to score 'sj points' and become popular in return. many get their "facts" from internet memes, with zero assurance they are even remotely factual. people that were previously overlooked in everyday life, are now noticed and feel they have meaning, importance, and purpose. it's a system of empowering the powerless, without the responsibility of the power they now command.
   while grossly self-important, they tend to be unpopular outside of their little like-minded and 'entitled' social group and are often fraught with paranoia, anxieties, irrational fears, rabid anger, and depression. many are just really shitty at life, so they blame society, as if society owes them for something they can't or won't work for themselves. they expect and demand free things from the taxpayers, as if they are entitled to things they can not afford, simply because there are those that can afford them and "it's not fair!".
   they crave to be victims of perceived bigots, racists, homophobes, sexists, transphobics, misogynists, fatphobics, ableists, oppressives, 'rape culturists', shamers, jokes, "wrong" opinions, and/or whatever 'ic', ism', 'ist', or 'phobia' their current list of micro-aggressors calls for, especially straight white males that must "check their privilege". anything that flies in the face of their dream-like reality is "problematic". they tend to have little to no sense of humor and more often fail to comprehend sarcasm, satire, irony, or jokes. they do, however, excel at hypocrisy, by behaving in a way they would never tolerate from those unlike themselves.
   logic and reason hold no value. they see themselves as super heroes to the liberal agenda. you will have no luck getting through to them, as they are usually thin-skinned, illogical, unreasonable, loud, and will become louder and more aggressive, the more they see facts and truth getting in the way of their wishful thinking narrative. they blame others, 'the right',  those more successful, the "rich", "white privilege", and/or "systematic sexism/racism/discrimination" for their own life's failings, instead of realizing they are tyrannical spoiled failures of their own undoing.
   they often decorate themselves for attention, with bizarre/excessive piercings, idiotic hair/make-up color/style, goofy tattoos, and/or fat. they will quickly become agitated if you outwardly notice and/or comment on their appearance.
   they will gladly dominate a conversation by correcting your "incorrect speech", are quick to accuse "hate speech!", and/or name call when they hear anything that threatens their delicate insecurities or have no viable dialog left to debate. say things they don't want to hear and you will get labeled a troll, hater, bigot, and any number of new and inventive slights at you, the nazi oppressor.
   they are the least tolerant in their demand for tolerance. you must be a part of their accepted collective or suffer with continued harassment, job loss, and/or financial ruin. never underestimate the power of sjw in great numbers. they can quickly develop a 'mob justice' mentality and often spiral into crazed shout-downs and/or violence with anyone that disagrees with them.
   more and more, sjw will get into arguments and debates with fellow sjw that are not politically correct enough or are considered flawed in their correctness. it is wildly amusing to see this increasingly cannibalistic tendency. it's becoming a 'i am better at liberal than you' competition. they will rail against any "minority" that may hold a conservative view, blacks that aren't "black enough", or women that are not feminists, as decreed by p.c. law. it's sadly humorous to see white people loathe themselves because of their whiteness. their white guilt eats away at them to a point, they actually hate themselves and fellow whites and desire that all whites be punished for being white. comedy gold, yet wildly pathetic.
   for some inexplicable reason, corporations, politicians, celebrities, schools, and the media, are far too often frightened into submission by even one sjw, leading to forced apologies, firings, resignations, destroyed reputations, blacklisting, ruined lives, capitulations, and unrealistic expectations of change in society as a whole. while these entities could and should easily tell the sjw to "shut the fuck up" and take a stand for logic and reason, they would rather cower in fear, bend over backward, and placate.
   focusing less on real education and more on social issues of useless relevance, many schools and universities have become the breeding ground and day care centers for these misguided parasitic societal anomalies, some to the point of soothing their delicate fragile psyches with play-doh, coloring books, hot chocolate, hugs, counselors, and ponies when they don't get their way. this, however, could very well change, if alumni would stop donating funds and parents stop sending their soft, mushy, and easily manipulated children to these millennialgartens.
   feel free to observe the whining sjw, as they drone on and on about their current complaint du jour, in a generally sing-songy, upspeaking, and condescending manner. it can be entertaining to hear them prattling on and on with stellar illogic, inventive "facts", and baseless accusations and assumptions, regardless of validity. good luck making sense of or debating with their irrational demands or inability to rationally dialog. better yet, don't bother trying. if you do, keep your distance or you may be attacked for your effort. never venture alone into a hive of them. be aware of your surroundings and always watch your back. they like to throw things too, so be prepared.

see also:
• "going liberal" is the new "going postal"
• traumatized 'safe space from words' shelter dweller,
hiding from ideas, facts, opinions, criticism, reality
• sticks and stones may break my bones,
and words will always hurt me
• jokes and comedy must be p.c.
• "correct" opinions
• only approved speech is free speech
• spelling/grammar corrections create a “hostile learning environment”
• approved p.c. language guide
• scream about a lack of rights that you actually have
• demanding special rights at the expense of others
• meddling millennials that can function little more than their phone
• "adults" preoccupied with 'pokιmon go' and other childish internet/game distractions, in lieu of mature adulting
• sensitive, lumberjack-looking, but can't change a car tire, giggling pussyfied man-child
• mom's long-term basement guest
• overly emotional pansy
• start an argument you either can't finish or don't like the result, then find a way to be a victim.
• feminized male
• dogpile against debate
• oppression olympics
• prone to fighting about stupid things
• weak timid nervous frightened trauma princess, be it male, female, or the current gender of the day
• bearded hipster douche
• uptight panty wadded victims of perceived injustice
• "i am so upset! i am quitting all social media!", but will be back on by tomorrow.
• "i am moving to canada if trump wins!", yet never mexico, but will stay here instead.
• triggered hurt feelings wuss
• easily offended adultbaby
• soft 'work is hard' lay-about
• annoying whiner cabal
• progbot
• identitarians, those that live for identity politics.
• insecure white peoples' guilt squad
• open season on white males
• only white people can be racist
• hate crime hoax
• "'the constitution' must go!"
• progressive anti-patriotism/narrative
• anyone opposed to me is regressive
• socialism/fascism over capitalism
• no one should be rich
• crybully, crybaby train
• transtrender
• sensitivity police
• lifestyle nazi
• court of public opinion
• accuse the opposition of being hitler/nazis
• feelings are facts
• emotion overrides logic
• lifetime victimhood
• recreational outrage
• hysteria is a valid expression of emotion
• irrational crying, not just for infants any more
• adversity intolerance
• there are no losers, only winners
• everyone gets a trophy
• progressive libtard
• Tumblrina
• liberal hypocrisy/lying is acceptable truth
• only liberals can comment on cultures not their own
• wearing any costume from another culture is racist
• forced multicultural diversity
• liberalism has evolved into a mental disorder
• speaking out about islamic terrorism is islamaphobic
• 'jazz hands' to replace offensive hand clapping
• responsibility avoidance
• pampered special snowflake
• gender neutrality requirements/dysphoria.
• manipulating one's mental illness to garner attention
• sexual identity disorder is more often a mental illness
• freedom of expression though rioting
• using violence to fight violence, hate to fight hate
• 'butthurt' is an acceptable state of mind
• "i identify as <insert any random thing here>."
• feminists, please pick: sharia or women's rights, because you can't have both.
• liberal violence may be liberally applied
• "i get all my facts from internet memes."
• "i demand respect!", while disrespecting anyone outside my groupthink.
• the "i love my body!" chunkers that definitely hate their bodies.
• 'i demand my own personal-gender bathroom' freakshow
• 'if i don't get my way, i will throw a tantrum' infant adult
• 'what the hell is that?' mystery gender thing
• 'conform to my world view!' narcissist
• 'life must be fair!' dreamer
• 'everything should be free' loader
• 'i want the government to wipe my ass' loser
• 'steal from the rich to give to the poor' justifiable thievery
sjw buzzwords:
• "1 in 5"
• $0.75/$1.00
• a/abro/aego/akoi/aliqua/amicus/andro/androgyno/
spectra/specio/thym/trans/uni/volit/woma/zoo sexual
• ableist, ableism
• acceptable sexual orientation
• accountable, accountability
• adultism
• advantaged/disadvantaged social group
• ageism
• alternative facts
• alt right
• anti woman/female/gay/trans/any "oppressed" group
• assigned female/male at birth, AFAB/AMAB
• beta male feminist
• bigot, bigotry
• biphobia
• birth assigned sex
• black lives matter
• body acceptance
• brocialism (socialism will result in gender equality)
• call out
• cis gender/sexism/heterpatriarchy/ethnic/plaining/archy
• collusion
• colorism
• consent, without consent
• creepy, creeper
• cuck, cuckservative
• cultural insensitivity/appropriation
• derailing, derail
• disenfranchised <insert group>
• discrimination
• disempowerment of subordinated/targeted groups
• diverse, diversity
• dominant culture
• "educate yourself!"/"it's not my job to educate you!"
• empower, empowered, empowerment
• enlightened, enlightenment
• equality
• essentialism
• ethnocentrism
• evolve, evolved
• exclusion
• fat acceptance/activism/ism/phobic/shaming
• feminism
• first language
• gay
• gender abolition/binary/choice/conforming/equality/
expression/fluid/freedom/identity/neutrality/queer/role/"is a social construct"
• glass ceiling
• goodnight alt-right/white pride
• groupthink
• hate filled/speech/crime, hater
• hetero normative/sexual/sexism
• "he will not divide us!" (repeat until forever)
• hierarchical relationship
• hitler, hitler's playbook, literally hitler
• homo phobe/phobia/phobic
• horizontal/internalized oppression
• "i am triggered!/fearful!/uncomfortable!"
• 'ic', 'ism', 'ist', 'phobia', or 'phobic' (tacked on to many words to create new and exciting slights against the oppressed)
• identity politics
• ignorance
• imbalance in/of power
• impacted by multiple axes of oppression and privilege
• inappropriate, misappropriate
• inclusive, inclusiveness
• inherent superiority
• injustice, "no justice, no peace"
• <insert group> voices
• institutional/systematic/pervasive/routine sexism/racism/discrimination
• internalize/internalized oppression/superiority
• internet activist
• intersectionality
• intersex
• islamophobia
• "it's (the current year)!"
• kyriarchy
• level playing field
• LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM (more letters coming soon)
• literally
• "love trumps hate"
• male/female identified person
• manarchism (social anarchism will result in gender equality)
• man slamming/spreading
• marginalize/marginalized group
• micro/macro aggression
• misogyny/mysoginist
• multiculturalism
• nazi!
• neckbeard
• open dialogue
• oppress, oppression, oppressionist
• otherkin (a person who self-identifies as a non-human)
• passive aggressive remark
• patriarchy
• persecution
• personal bias
• policing
• polysexual
• post fact
• preferred pronoun
• prejudice, prejudice plus power
• pride
• privilege
• problematic
• progressive, progressive stack
• questioning
• radicalize
• racist, racism
• rape culture/threats/apology
• reactionary
• reductionist
• safe space, safer space, positive space
• secondary sex characteristics
• self identity/identify/identified/identification
• sexist, sexism, sexual orientation
• shaming, "shame! shame! shame! shame!"
• shitlord
• silencing, silenced
• slave, slavery
• "slur!"
• slut shaming
• social/biological construct
• socio-economic classes/class/classism/privilege
• speechcrime
• able/age/conde/econo/hetero/man/
priv/size/straight/thin/white splaining
• stare raping
• stereotype, stereotypical feminine/masculine activities/characteristics
• straight/white/privileged male/female
• system of oppression
• toxic masculinity/conservatism
• trans abled/ethnic/gender/phobic/phobia/sexual/whatever
• trigger warning, trigger, triggered
(these words may also be triggering)
• troll, trolling
• two-spirit
• under/non represented
• verbal violence
• victim blaming
• virtue signaling
• wage gap
• "whatever"
• white male/narratives/privilege/supremacy/washing
• "wow like wow", "wow just wow"
• woke
• wrong side of history
• "you are (insert year) old!"
• "you sound white/male/(insert anti-white rhetoric here)."
• xenophobia/phobic
pronoun education...
    study up on this handy politically correct pronoun guide, so you do not become a target of hate and venom from a hideous sjw at the next meeting of random assorted genders:

when trolls actually look like a troll.
learn from this hideous attention whore.
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• suffolk university, boston: sj terminology
• s.j. high school
• 20 great value colleges safe spaces
• u.c. davis:
words that hurt • glossary • pronouns • LGBTQIA ally tips
• glossary of accusations:  1  •  2 •  3 
• glossary of sjw terminology
• professor watchlist: when teachers go bad
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sjw disablers:
• Paul Joseph Watson
• Milo Yiannopoulos
• Steven Crowder
   response to another 'all whites are racist' article: the one good thing this article promotes, is the fact the media has created and is rabidly promoting a white racism that just isn't a reality. are there white racists? sure, always has been, always will be. are all whites the racists the media promotes? no, and the narrative that they are is ridiculous. i doubt the main stream media will ever be trusted again in my lifetime. for me and i'm sure many others, i see the media as a source of pathetic humor, nothing more.
   california students say it’s culturally offensive to “the black and brown bodies" when whites wear hooped earrings: after much research in how to get their 15 minutes of "fame", these two stupids decided they own the trademark to hoop earrings. in another 24 hour news cycle, the left will move on to complaining that white people eating at 'taco bell' is appropriating mexican food. i appreciate the left for all it's doing to it's own downfall. every day brings another round of far-fetched whining that can not be taken seriously by most people. i do, however, feel sorry for the women that may have their hoops ripped out (from behind, as that's how cowards operate), simply because the sheeple left can't think for themselves and must comply to their current complaint du jour.
   there can be no such thing as a "field guide of all things PC", as the rules change daily and many are too hypocritical and would not play well together in the same guide.
   i can't wait until tomorrow's installment of "outraged and offended", where the sjw circle the wagons and fight the whiny fight against perceived injustice. in this episode, a woman dresses up in a costume from another culture and sjw lose their minds. so sadly pathetic, yet completely hilarious. carry on, sjw, you brighten my day, every day.
   the pc craze has become comical. it won't be long before 100% of everything white will be condemned as being racist and/or privileged. i take that back. i'm sure white toilet paper is seen as a stand against "white dominance", when used as directed.
   about the california law maker, declaring they need to teach children about the alleged russian "hacking" of the 2016 election: come on, people, it's california. does this really surprise anyone? they will not be satisfied until it becomes it's own sovereign socialist nation that will eventually need bailing out by it's former united states.
   anyone in california is welcome to tell us how great california is, when it comes to it's socialistic attitudes and the laws it has established, that limit the freedoms the people have to work and raise it's families. especially the way it runs it's schools and the pure pabulum it teaches the children. that goes for the adultbabies that occupy the millennialgartens it calls colleges.
   of course there are a lot of californians that do not like what's going on there. there are just not enough of you. hopefully, you can pull your state back out of it's own ass in time to save it from itself.
   about the biased media: there used to be a division, where the newscaster/reporter delivered the news as news and they delivered their editorials as editorials. nothing really wrong with that. there was a clear separation, where they even declared they were now editorializing, when giving opinion. now they deliver the news as editorials, hammering their biased opinion within their version of the news. it does not help that with the 24 hour news cycle, speedy delivery has replaced copious research and fact checking. now it's "i must spray out my opinionated news before the other networks do!", then defend the wrongs at all cost afterward. we the people are not buying it any longer and watching the media squirm every time they get busted is both entertaining and exhausting.
   confusing is: women and/or gays standing proud for islam, the very ideology that would readily subjugate and/or kill them, simply for being women and/or gay.
   come on, as if your logic or reason have any chance against illogical hysteria. let them have their cute little march and when they get home, they can get back to being miserable little whiners that accomplished a whole lot of nothing. if we're lucky, we'll get to see heavy set women dressed in their fine vagina regalia.
   someone remind me again what the word 'illegal' means, as it would appear that the illegal immigrant is not legal and is actually against the law. isn't knowingly and willingly coming to the assistance of criminal activity also against the law?
   count on the media to point the finger of hate when perpetrated by the right and looking the other way when the likely left is at it again. crying wolf only works for so long, before the assumption of bullshit becomes the norm. looking forward to tomorrow's installment of "the wolf!".
   if every so-called feminist male that was just marching to increase his chances of getting laid, would have stayed home, there would only be guys left whose wives made them go, with the promise of letting them take their balls out of her purse when they got home, but only for a little while, then back in they go.
   hey, ladies, your cute little march is over and those sandwiches are not going to make themselves!
   i don't know what happened. i went to bed on election night and when i woke up, women were stripped of their rights. anyone of a different sexual preference had also lost all their rights. blacks no longer had rights. everything was changed for the betterment of all white privileged males. the persecuted took to the streets, in an effort to get their rights back. they cried, they screamed, they destroyed property, and the media was there to champion their cause. hate and violence were being denounced, by hating on the accused suppressors, with violence. the tolerant were insistent, by being the least tolerant in their demand for tolerance. these are the progressives. they have all the answers. they know what's right for everyone and they insist you comply.
   libpocrisy - that special way the liberal left accepts and promotes lies and abhorrent behavior in order to promote their progressive agenda, by behaving in a manner they claim to deplore. ie., using violence to protest violence, hate to protest hate, fascist tactics to protest accused fascists.
see also, libpocritical groups: antifa, black lives matter

   millennialgarten - what were once colleges that championed free speech, new ideas, and tolerance of opposing thought, are now day care centers for young adults that are still children. pampered little children, challenged to getting their way and always placated, in order to not make them angry and throw them into tantrum. it's where soft, easily manipulated adultbabies are sanitized against reality.
Here are the steps of islamic terrorist reaction:
1. This has nothing to do with Islam and he does not represent Islam.
2. Claim to be the "religion of peace".
3. It's blow back for the west being in the Mideast.
4. The guy was a "mentally ill".
5. It is "lone wolf attack".
6. It's just part of living in a big city.
7. Claim Christians do these things too.
8. Those who object are racist bigots.
9. Change Facebook profile to flag of inflicted country.
10. Light some candles, hold a vigil and go on a peace march.
11. Claim Muslims are the real victims.
12. Wait for the next Islamic terrorist attack to happen.
13. Go back to 1. Repeat as needed.

• sjw understand the difference between 58 'genders' but don't understand the difference between legal and illegal immigrants.
• sjw cry to instill complete equality in the west, but openly march alongside advocates of sharia law.
• sjw call for the end of racism, but openly and actively condemn the white race.
• sjw claim to be peaceful, tolerant, and progressive, but resort to violence and abuse when they don't get their way.
• sjw are manipulative, divisive, subversive, and the most hypocritically deluded people in the west. 
Christine F, facebook, *sigh* let me splain.
Liberals beating people = not violent
Conservative speaking = violent
Conservative having opinion = hate
Them wanting to kill conservatives for it = not hate
Feminists demonizing men = not sexism
Men breathing air = sexist rapist beasts
Minority hating whites = not racism
Disagreeing with minority = racist p.o.s.
Enforcing immigration law = HUGE racist
Protect the border = xenophobe
Travel ban from countries that want to kill us = racist-xenophobic-islamaphobic-pos
Wearing red hat = worthy of decapitation
Actual decapitators = need asylum & hugs
White conservative = Nazi
White & not suicidal = white supremacist
Attack/drag/beat Trump voter = not assault
Disagree with a liberal = assault
Burn American flag = free speech
Burn any other flag = white nationalist
Liking gay conservative = racist-nazi-white supremacist
Liking any other gay person = progressive
Broken education system = sacred
Seeking better alternative = anti-child
Girls in boy scouts = good
Men in ladies' rooms = even better
White cop kills white = irrelevant
Black cop kills white = irrelevant
Black cop kills black = racism (go figure)
White cop kills black = hang him, take his badge, burn a flag, grab a bullhorn, loot the city, etc.
Black drive-by kills 8 yr. old = irrelevant

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