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there are zero gods. none.

religion: a self created prison of the mind.
this is a personal affront to bullshit.

   i do not hide my atheism and occasionally receive notice from the devout, that i have fallen out of favor with the jesus/god and risk everlasting torment in the lake of fire it created, because it loves me just that much. sad how we must continue to deal with such bronze age notions into the 21st century, as grown adults, under a self imposed hypnotic spell, believe the unbelievable, and commit mental child abuse, by injecting their children with the god virus, thus infecting them with their fictional belief. the circle of delusion, unbroken. meanwhile, religion, the #1 source of hatred in the world, continues to plague humanity, generation after generation.
   to each their own, right?
   that is, until they judge me and insist i see the light of their heavenly daddy or else. i have heard it all before. it can be tedious, ridiculous, and sadly humorous, but i will continue to mock and disrespect superstitious peoples' powerless invisible man-made magical mind reading unprovable never existed nothing but trouble imaginary sky wizard, who lives somewhere out in space and manifested himself onto earth as the son of himself to die for our sins.
   i assume these self righteous and often volatile hypocrites know everything about the mindset of their god, have full authority to judge for their god, even though the bible dictates otherwise, and i fully understand they want their chosen supreme entity to send me straight to hell, the sooner the better.
   while i tolerate their freedom of religion (a very little), this atheist infidel cherishes my freedom from religion (a very lot). i have zero use for any and all religion and feel that every one is, without exception, exquisitely orchestrated cults and hoaxes of a monumental magnitude, duping many gullible billions throughout history, often through force and intimidation. while it was totally understandable when science and credible information were scarce, today there is no reason to believe in a fictional faith with zero evidence of reality. religion is truly the world's only accepted and sanctioned mental illness, often forced upon others against their will.
   i fully understand the devout will most likely not bother reading this page. perhaps they will have already stopped before getting this far. they can not and will not risk the possibility of receiving the gift of doubt in their chosen faith. the notion of such a grand change in their life is too much to handle. either way, i wish you all well.
a collection of social media postings...
   praying to help others: it's the absolute least you can do to help, yet allowing you to feel good about doing nothing more.
   about the child sex scandal: any other entity would be ended over such abuses, but not the fairy tale league. for some strange reason, belief in the superstitious sky wizard grants child sex privileges like no other. the fact these jackasses even abuse kids, is proof enough there is no god, as how could such an all powerful entity allow it? your loving god is cause of all things and therefor, grants child sex to his spokespeople.
   anyone that calls for, relies on, and/or wants his/her imaginary sky friend to do anything concerning the running of this country, should kindly stfu and let rational people do the work. there is no place in government for myth and superstition.
   this "one true god" could easily settle the world's religious conflicts, by making itself known. dear god, just show everyone your love for mankind, this incredible love that your faithful keep insisting you have for us, by simply showing yourself. appear to all of us. now. you can do it!
   about the pedophilia that continues within the church: any other group that was this perverted, this obstructionist, this evil, would be broken apart, destroyed, and made obsolete. throw in an invisible sky daddy super friend and it gets a pass. religion ruins everything.
   religion was and still is, primarily forced down the throat of the young. that's why it has thrived since forever. now and finally, the reality of a lack of a provable god is becoming more normalized. with any luck, the internet will bring an end to children being raised believing in fairy tales and fables that have always been created by humanity.
   if one requires an invisible sky daddy to be a good person, they are not a good person. history is riddled with people acting out their evil, all in the name of any number of gods, including "the one and only god". the idea that one can only be moral with god is a fallacy.
   just when you thought flat earthers couldn't possibly get any dumber. no, they can not get dumber. it's the same dumb reworded and spewed out over and over. like 'taco bell', same 8 ingredients making up a 30 item menu. i don't worry about these religitards at all. it's their children, possibly ruined for life over this nonsense. the circle of delusion, unbroken.
   religion, regardless of which one, is a man made concept. with around 3000 gods and deities created by man throughout history, there is zero actual proof of any. not a single one. it's all faith and belief in superstitious magic. don't get me wrong, if you want to believe in any of them, that's fine. the problem lies when the belief becomes the dominate factor in how everyone must live their lives. the "we must put god in (any random thing)" or "my god is better than your god" nonsense. it's divisive and the greatest root cause for hate globally. the anger and violent threats i receive from the devout for these words i write, directly fly in the face of what their savior preaches. religious hypocrisy reigns supreme in most any discussion of religion. as with any discussion such as these, one can stop reading, when the name calling comes out, as the debate/argument ends at that point.
   why is it imperative that a god must be involved? (to insure morality) god can not be forced down the throats of those that can live a good moral life without that book of fables and the invisible sky wizard.
   religion comes from the lack of science and understanding of how things worked. by the 21st century, magical sky daddy religious thought and practice should have died out. we can be moral without worshiping mythical beings.
   it's completely true. the bible is cherry picked by a majority of christians. they follow the rules as it suits them and disavow those of which they disagree or simply do not want to follow. if they followed the "written word of god" as in the book, they would behave more in line with that other religion that's in the news a lot lately. religipocrisy runs strong in the christian faith.
   answering a question about the flat earth, "So if we continue to fly left or right we eventually reach outer space, right?": no, you bump into the glass dome that covers the flat earth, once you surpass the ice wall no one has ever been over or have ever seen. oh yeah, the stars are projected onto the glass dome from flat earth. the sun and moon are the same size and are much closer to the earth than the globers claim. the moon has it's own light source. both the sun and moon exit and enter the glass dome through portals, as they move about, above the flat earth. there is no such thing as space. the dome protects the flat earth from the water that is above it, although some water can leak in, as that is the source of rain. now you are all caught up about the flat earth and can be a believer too. you are welcome.
   so how many mental midgets actually buy into the dome bullshit? is it 10? 100? 1000? more? i'd hate to think i am spending too much time reading the ramblings of so few stupids. perhaps i should seek out what the unicornists are up to for a while.
   funny how it's only the devout that get possessed by demons. never hear about possessed atheists.
   i like to believe that religion in this country will die out before all that much longer. like a dying star, i am hoping this bump in fervor is nothing more than the brightest moments before the darkness of death.
   responding to "facts", as found in the 'king james version' of the bible: right, the bible revised by a king, a mere mortal man, rewritten just the way jimmy wanted it. nice try. you apparently devote so much of your life worrying about the afterlife and not making a mistake, otherwise your loving jesus will toss you in the lake of fire it created, just in case you don't love him sufficiently as he demands. i can not imagine the fearful torment you must subconsciously harbor within, constantly worrying that you might not love him enough to make the cut. that you will somehow let him down and make a mistake along the way and then all of a sudden, HELL! good luck with that.
   religion has always had a frightening approach to sex. so much so, the perversion rate amongst the truly devout is off the chart. it's denied, kept hidden, and always completely forgiven by their god, each and every infraction. the most sickening and vile of act, all swept away with a simple, "forgive me, father, for i have sinned...", over and over and over, ad nauseum. it's "god's will", i suppose.
   believers must go out of their way to avoid and deny science, facts, reason, and logic, otherwise they might receive the gift of doubt. they are basically declaring, "i have no need for knowledge". it's the basis of their cognitive dissonance.
   governor declares 2017 the ‘year of the bible’ in kentucky: many things shine very bright, just before they extinguish. perhaps this is how religion goes out, by a last ditch effort to gather up forces and focus very hard on itself, only to vanish shortly after. let 2017 be the 'year of the bible'. perhaps by 2020, we will see the 'year of religious insignificance', where humanity frees itself from the self imposed shackles of fictional worship.
   when asked "I wonder if any of you really understand the religion you talk so much shit about": we talk so much shit about religion because religion is so much shit. using reality, science, and logic to dispel the fictions of religion is easy. you can continue to wrap your mind around your book of horror, but please do not expect reasonably smart people to not speak out against the damage religion has unleashed on the world throughout history, that continues today. non-believers can imagine the positive strides that could be made in the absence of religion, as believers wallow in the pain and suffering of their book of fictional tales, trying to appease a vengeful god of death, disease, and destruction, all with the threat of hell for getting it wrong. a loving god indeed. good luck with that.
   without the forced indoctrination of children, through fear and intimidation, religion would have died centuries ago.
   responding to the claim that "america is a christian nation": being as religion is 100% man made bullshit, anything said on behalf of religion, is simply more 100% man made bullshit. thus saying "america is a christian nation", is as valid as saying "the moon is a christian satellite of the earth". correction: "the moon is a christian satellite of the flat earth".
   i have always worked under the mantra, "cast away any and all that cause harm or ill will, be they strangers, friends, or family". simply because someone is born within the same bloodline, does not grant them rights to judge me to hell, based on my lack of belief in their sky wizard. i am doing just fine without that level of hate.
   a graph showing a steady rise of church membership from 1776 to 1980, with no change up to 2000: according to this graph, the up-tick came to a halt with no change from 1980-2000. the internet was young and really just beginning to gain momentum around 2000. since then, so much more truth can be derived from the fiction. i'd be curious to see the graph now. i believe the internet will eventually bring membership down, as it reveals the actual "truth" of each and every religion. i like to believe that religion will not survive the internet.
   kids like presents. santa = presents. i believed in presents and thus, santa was as real enough, even though i realized he was a fraud very early. i think most kids continue to fake believe, so as the real santa (mom and dad) will continue the bounty. i have two daughters and let them believe in santa too. eventually, other kids break it to them and they ask questions. it all went down the same as their questions about the jesus. i explained my point of view and let them reach their own conclusions. we are all happy atheists. in the end, smart people realize jesus is the adult version of santa.
   haven't you heard, god can and can not do everything.~
   internetting has been made far too easy. any idiot with two brain cells left to rub together, can let the world in on their stupidity. perhaps the time has come for an internet use license, only granted after proficient testing of applicants.
   if religious faith improved morality, there would be no religious faith.
   people think they benefit from religion, but instead they delude themselves with a belief in nothing. sure, some hold themselves in check and do better because of it, while so many more waste so much time and energy being colossal hypocrites, in spite of their faith. while religion claims to promote love, it is far better at hate and violence.
   "but that's the old testament." look at it as a first draft. a run through edition where god tries out various scenarios before settling into the final edition, the new testament.
   in islam, a woman is considered a man's property, to do with as he pleases. some people like to forget that little nugget of fact. bring it up and you can get labeled an islamophobe. in reality, all women should be islamophobes for that very reason, as well as gays, atheists, non-muslims that wish to remain so, and any other group targeted by that hateful deplorable religion.
   after reading yet another creationist explanation why evolution is illogical and there is no reasoning or logic without god: i try to read most of these bullshits, but after a sentence or two, my logical mind turns them into a list of words that make no sense. it would literally make more sense if these writers would type 'blah blah blah blah god blah blah blah blah bible blah blah blah god blah blah blah blah god blah blah jesus blah blah blah bible blah blah blah god blah blah blah blah god blah blah blah god blah blah blah blah jesus blah blah blah bible blah blah blah jesus blah blah blah blah god'.
   the greeks were far more clever. they created many fictional gods and deities to help spread out the work, as opposed to the single almighty non-existent god the christians were able to conjure up, thus burdening their one and only god with so many tasks. no wonder it's a raging douche.
   after reading a hateful post from a "god loving" teen: "good" christian teens start out as "good" christian pre-teens, indoctrinated by abusive christian parents, forcing their hateful christian beliefs on the soft spongy minds of their new christian babies.
   oh good, the "free will" thing. can't argue with that all encompassing illogical answer to god's failings.
   some are worried about mike pence's declaration that abortion will be outlawed: settle down. this champion of the invisible non-existent spooky space genie will not get his way. the dark ages are getting lighter by the day. he can spout off all he wants, but all it will do is give us fodder to ridicule him and all he stands for. everyone can relax.
   this is what is perhaps the most frustrating about believers. non-believers are expected to respect their unprovable faith based nonsense, as if it was a tangible, relevant, and an actual real thing. it's as relevant as believing any other unprovable myth, deity system, or fiction as truth, that these same believers completely and vocally disrespect and disregard as false. new word: religipocrisy.
   the vatican issues new rules that cremains cannot be scattered, divided up, or kept at home, but rather stored in a sacred, church-approved place: what? did god change it's mind again? will this be written into yet another version of god's word? anything to continue the almighty cash flow. just more mind numbing bullshit for the numb of mind.
   wasn't there a quiz show on tv called 'are followers smarter than a 5 year old?'. no, wait. maybe there should be.
   any civil servant that wishes to use biblical beliefs and apply them to us common public, needs to be removed from office, as they are living in a fairy tale, and not a pleasant one at that, and can not be trusted.
   god is the cause of all things, unless those things fall short of the preferred god narrative, then adjust accordingly.
   under a church van image - bumper sticker should read: "in the event of rapture, this van will remain occupied with hypocritical self righteous hateful people."
   so we not only have thousands of invisible gods and/or deities looking out for every little thing and a flat earth with a glass dome over it, keeping the sky water from flooding us, the earth is also hollow and there is a whole civilization of people living down there in secret. come on, people, is that all you gots? surely, there are beings living on the moon too. oh? that's a thing people believe as well? shit. humanity never fails to disappoint, when science, logic, and reason get cast aside in favor of grand jackassery pulled from one's rectum and believed in full by a flock of stupids. it's really a wonder that we are both basking in glorious technology that supplies an information overload and awash in colossal stupidity, all at the same time. i suppose the tech is here to promote the dumb that has always been firmly set in place, just not available for all to see so easily, until recently. the internets is wearing me out.
   more 'flat earth' nonsense: one can only take so much of this crap before realizing that i am giving far too much energy and time on people too stupid to matter. then there's the depression that sets in when i think about how the stupids are everywhere and are growing in quantities too big to ignore. they are coming at me from every direction! i can't take it! make it stop, internets! make it stop now!
   got to admire nasa. they took photoshopping images to an extreme in the 60's, with the thousands of whole globe earth images, produced from the flat earth pictures shot during the apollo missions.~
   dear republicans, let go of religion, or die along with it.
   why let facts, science, logic, and reason get in the way of belief systems of unseen, unprovable, violent, and hateful deities?~
   responding to a theist, delighted at the prospect of atheists burning in hell: i love the glee this god loving cretin displays, in his fervor to see atheists hauled away to hell. the more devout these clowns are, the more they are capable of intensely fierce hate. in god's image, i suppose.
   i need to start my own religion, for if even one person buys into that bullshit, i too can pull the scripture from my ass and perhaps reap the riches awaiting me. who's in?
   noah's ark is harder to dispel than the ridiculous flat earth concept and the ark is a snap to expose as never to have happened. some people should not be internetting.
   while it's true not all muslims believe in killing all non-muslims, far too many stay silent about it. they do not speak out against it. be sure that a very large percentage of them would have no problem with a totally muslim world, they just keep it to themselves, as that blight continues to spread across the world. so sure, bring as many as you can over here and distribute them around this country. nothing could go wrong.~
   if it's in the bible, chances are it never happened. that's how fairy tales work. they are tales. made up stories. just because so many people believe that this particular set of fairy tales is true, shows just how ridiculous people can be, when frightened with the notion of hell.
   after reading "proof" of a flat earth on some web page: i used to read this tripe for the humor it provided. creationistic writings are usually a hoot. it has now progressed to a fear that there are far too many stupids, and like the film 'idiocracy', the stupids will eventually win. it just seems inevitable. you can not get through to a stupid. their minds have been poisoned to believe in a fictional world creation. nothing after that gets through. i feel that after some time, most rational non-believers will grow weary of reading these backward people's lunacy, as it does make one's head hurt to some degree. it's much worse when they are within one's family and they never let up.
   i find the flat earthers to be masters of sarcasm and farcical theatre. kudos to them for sticking to a fiction that is perhaps the easiest to dispel. to think that anyone believes in a flat earth, is akin to believing that the jesus will return by riding in on a unicorn, galloping over a rainbow. i love flat earthers for the endless trove of comical nonsense that spews from their delusional minds. to them i tip my non-existent hat.
   it has taken longer than i thought for the internet to take down the notion of a god. it is happening, just slower than i have hoped. perhaps within another generation or two, those of the godsquad will have zero power to influence anyone or anything any longer.
   the bible and the noah story are just as historically accurate and truthful as 'the flintstones' cartoon show depicting early humanity.
   the religious should be respected the same as grown adults that believe in santa claus, unicorns, leprechauns, the easter bunny, and/or the tooth fairy. the word 'ridiculed' can also be substituted for 'respected' in the previous sentence. there is more proof of bigfoot than any god man has ever conceived, so bigfooters get more respect from me, even though i think they are nuts too.
   while discussing the current racial turmoil in the news: i believe people in general know the truth. there is a cognitive dissonance that keeps the agenda alive in those that must keep it alive. the truth is squashed. facts have no bearing. their purpose has no meaning if the lie is revealed. besides, there are far too many low educated believers that are easily lead astray. the previous also applies to religion.
   i'm confused. god created the ability to have orgasms, then gets weird about it, and punishes those that take solo advantage of this ability? talk about the perfect setup to failure. not such an all knowing and perfect creator after all. god is a jerk on so many levels.
   about the noah's ark feature at the creationmuseum: ken ham is fleecing the flock. on one hand, reprehensible, on the other, brilliant. such a wonderful scam and it's all legal. just like the tv evangelist, i can't help but laugh at this incredibly ridiculous farce, that grown adults throw their money to, and all tax-free. utterly fantastic.
   at first, i seriously thought the flat earth bullshit was an internet joke, where the notion was put forth with great sarcasm and a wink. it's one thing to have imaginary friends, but to deny a round planet, that kind of stupidity should be sterilized.
    there are places on the internet many do not visit, such as the 'deep web' and the 'darknet'. i think it's high time there's the 'dullnet' for everyone spouting off about their chosen religious nonsensery. oh what a beautiful internets it would be. oh yeah, send all the annoying cat people there too.

   about the 06.12.16 orlando nightclub shooting: religious jackassery strikes again. better pray to the powerless invisible man-made magical mind reading never existed sky wizard to protect all those it did not protect last night. instead of calling for gun control, perhaps we try god control, as it's been far more harmful throughout history. no doubt some god loving righteous christians were happy, "good that my god smite those homosexuals dead and sent them all to hell."

   joel osteen and the whole cabal of evangelical douchbags is proof there is no god, but you got to hand it to them. they found a legal scam that works and they work it like champs. kudos to them all for their ability to bilk the sheeple, that deserve to lose everything they hand over to them. hell, if i had the skill, i'd pretend to believe in an invisible friend too, if it would open the floodgates of tax free cash.
   little by little, slowly but surely, every generation has fewer believers in some form a deity. the internet has a unique ability to spread truth and understanding on most every subject and religion is no exception. no longer will adults be able to instill 'a fear of god' in children that can easily google their questions and find the answers. no longer can the story of a mudman and rib woman populating the earth through incest be something to believe. noah's ark may be a cute horror tale about god wiping out humanity and having a 500 year old man build a stadium sized boat, collecting and redistributing over 7 million animal species, and then repopulating the earth through more incest, but smart kid's will not buy into it. before long, only the truly stupid will be able to buy into religion.
   i overheard two guys comparing their churches and why one had to change churches, because he didn't like the way the bible was being interpreted. i am continuously amazed that groups of people have and will fight and kill each other over how to use the very same book they both claim as "god's word". apparently, god did not have the power to make it's words mean exactly the same thing to all people. god's people are not only left without proof of god, but they are left fighting over god's so-called words, all with the threat of hell for getting it wrong. it must be frightening.
   religion, having the power to control the gullible weak of mind for thousands of years, with fairytales, fiction, horror, and lies, wielding the fear of hell like a hammer.
   the bible is a mishmash of confusing and contradictory stories of misunderstood science, from primitives that had an extremely limited scope of the planet and all it's workings. that's why there have been literally thousands of gods and deities in the human history, none of which are/were powerful enough to make themselves known. none. not a single instance of any god proof. if one would actually step forward and give us a peek, we would all be on the same page and would not be in such a religious turmoil today. that is why your god is not all powerful and your bible is about as good at proving god exists as a comic book proves there really is a 'batman'.
   we know more about the earth now than ever in history. we know through science that it is not simply 6000 years old as your bible states. we know for fact that there was no 40 day flood that encompassed the globe. nor was there a 500 year old man that built a stadium size boat, filled it with every type of animal that he somehow collected from around the world before the flood, then redistributed them after the water resided, nor could he have possibly repopulated the planet with his merry band of incestuous fornicators. we know that it's impossible to take a mudman, a ribwoman, and a talking snake to procreate every human on the planet. it is not possible for a man to spend a few days in the belly of a whale and live to speak of it. if you want to believe all that nonsense, that's fine, but don't for a minute think a clear thinking rational person will not ridicule such backward bullshit and will fight against being legislated by those that do believe it.
   anyone that does not see the rise of the muslim problem, is blinded by a politically correct mindset. sure, there are innocents involved, but there is also a high percentage of relitards that would just as soon see all our heads lined up in the dirt too. sure, "they are people!", but they also want you and yours to become one of them or die. that can not be argued. until a concerted effort is put forth by large amounts of fellow muslims, decrying the actions of their few, we must be concerned with the actions of them all, or the lack thereof.
   any judge that uses scripture at all should be removed from the bench. you can continue to wrap your mind around the ramblings of your man-made religion, just don't expect your regurgitation of the written fiction to sway me in any way. the most annoying, as well as the most judgmental discourse we have ever received on our website was from extreme christians threatening us in the name of their god. the holy hypocrisy is astounding. if we, as a nation, are to use religion in law making, we must then use all religions in law making. ready for sharia law? how about scientologists calling the shots based on xenu's implanting of body thetans in all of us? you are so sure yours is the only one that is right? i call bullshit. my issue comes when your chosen religion gets used in the rule of law. while every religion has some good points, as well as some sound rules, they should not be used as the basis of law. law should be based on what we the people deem as law and not what random fables dictate in some made up book, regardless of which fable based religion you choose to follow. remember, if you allow one, you must allow them all. we must disallow all, even yours.
   i do not understand how the left and libtard press can stand up for tolerance of islam, when islam is the least tolerant on most every level. islam is open and honest about their intended goals and their method to achieve them, yet the apologists clamor for and demand tolerance for islam and all it stands for, when islam itself, openly vows to destroy the very ones that stand in support of islam. it's completely baffling.
   if you wish to dedicate your short life to what happens in the afterlife, have at it, but you must understand you will be called out for the bullshit you believe in by those that see it for the colossal nonsense it is.
   it all boils down to this: they must believe because they have been taught to believe, as no one is a born believer. to not believe flies in the face of believing, therefor, they must believe, even when they have doubt. to explain doubt, they have the devil, thus reinforcing the belief. the idea of not believing would require them to realize they have been duped, tricked, lied to, and that they fell for the ruse. that can be more than they can handle, so the belief must continue. then there's the idea that not believing will alienate them from their comfort zone and like minded group. it's just too radical of a change. therefor, many pretend to believe, even when they do not believe. the internal torment must be debilitating to so many.

   i use the level of one's belief in their god, as to whether or not i even want to get to know them, talk to them, or be friends with them. the more into it they are, the less i can trust them to logically think about any other topic. it's exactly the same as hanging out with someone that believes in leprechauns and tries to foist their leprechaunism on me, the devout mermaidians praying to poseidon, or the unicornestants worshiping the horn (although they do have the hottest female followers). sure, people scoff at the idea of mermaids and unicorns, but embrace the magical sky wizard, even though they all share a zero proof of existence. i have little patience for these mentally ill people. religion is a mental illness and the religious are mentally ill. some more than others.
   heaven must be full of the worst people to have ever lived. it reminds me of the gangsters of the past. murder and mayhem was their way of life. every sunday, they went to church, all is forgiven. people will argue this, but the fact is, hitler was a christian. according to the book, if he accepted the lord as his savior and repented his sin, you can perhaps chat with adolph in heaven. when you have something that is completely fabricated and made up, you can make it any way you want and interpret it any way you need. that's what is so cool about religion. pick and choose which rules to follow and which ones to disregard. i think because there are so many different religions and have been around 3000 or more different gods and deities throughout human history, there can't possibly be any god, for if there was this one super, all powerful creator of all things, there would be no way that this one god would not have been the only god. his evidence would be far too overwhelming for other gods to have been necessary. as it is, there is zero evidence that there have been any gods anywhere ever. none have ever made themselves known. none, ever. the bible sure isn't proof, as that thing was written by man and has been edited and rewritten too many times to have any validity. what about the other books of words about the other gods? would they not have the same "truth" about their way and their chosen supreme entity? it's all so much happy horse shit, mostly drilled into the soft minds of children since birth and left to fester like a mind cancer. they can not let it go, because in their mind, it is the truth. reading a logical approach to their fabled fairytale belief causes such a stress, that they take it personally that we dare blaspheme their god and ridicule their belief. they become angry and often violent, the exact opposite of how they claim their god wants them to be. religious fundamentalism is a root cause for the strife we have as humans on earth, yet you'd think their true belief would channel their energies at making life on earth a heaven, instead of the battleground it continues to be.
   i like how that by disagreeing with someone about almost anything, you are automatically accused of "hate". i have not read anything in this thread that would indicate you or i hate or are spreading hate. we are trying to enlighten the unenlightened. to open the eyes of those blind to facts and science. we are providing a service in an effort to save people from silly belief. no doubt if we actually hated anyone, we would not bother and the words we employed would be considerably more in line with actual hate. "hate" is just another word bandied about when substantial argument is no longer available.
   reading the blathering and judgmental rantings of the delusional devout is both humorous and frightening at the same time. who would have thought that in the 21st century, there are still those that cast away science, logic, and reason in exchange for unprovable faith in myth? we argue, fight, and war over who's fables and fairytales are true and righteous. with all that humanity has learned, we are still in a cave when it comes to the ridiculous notion of a god.
   why are people still surprised and shocked at the diarrhea that gushes out of the mouths of the devout? other than a swell source of humor, there is no point in taking any of it seriously. they believe in an invisible creator, their minds can not grasp reality. i find it hard to respect anything else they do, say, or stand for because of it.
   let's evaluate god a step further. let's assume this god thing did indeed create a universe that contains billions of galaxies, each containing billions of stars and billions of planets. yet with all this infinite power, he creates this earth with no clear evidence of his being. such a power could not be hidden. it would be easily detectable, but it is not. we humans are so confused about the origins of all things, we have created around 3000 gods and deities in an effort to explain them. as small as this earth is in the grand scheme of things, there is no clear cut answer to god. throughout all of recorded history and no doubt before it, we have repeatedly fought over who's god is the real god, yet there has never been proof of any god anywhere at any time. i'm sure the truly devout do not believe in 3000 gods and deities. the only difference between me and them is that i believe in one less god than they do. believers are sure their god is watching their every move, judging them to hell or granting them heaven, focusing it's attention on every little detail of their lives. seriously? such unbridled narcissistic arrogance, like there aren't more important things to worry about than whether you touch yourself or love someone of the same sex. educate yourself to logic and reason and give up the fairy tales.
   hypocrisy reigns supreme in the most famous book of cruel fables that men have ever written. if it were indeed a valid book of rules, absolutely no one would escape a fiery eternity in hell. with so many contradictions, horrific tortures, and death to those that break the rules detailed within this 'word of god' book, you would be put in prison by simply following any number of them. how could you not? everyone that claims to follow this ridiculous book, ignores and refuses to adhere to many of "god's laws", all the while claiming "i follow the bible". they all actually lie. liars go to hell. all of them. all the time. either follow god's laws 100%, or it's off to hell with you. period. i love how the devout deny these very truths. they twist and dance around their lies by putting words into the mouth of the very god they claim wrote the book. "he's a good and caring god that loves me", they claim. no, he despises you for ignoring so many of his laws. you are indeed going to hell. yes, you. all of you. burning in a everlasting lake of fire, because he loves you so much, that he wrote a book you can not possibly follow to the letter. 

   let us not forget the fact this book, "written by god", was rewritten countless times by man. it's not called the 'new testament' for nothing. it continues to be revised and changed since it's inception. it is being rewritten now and will continue to be rewritten as long as people continue to put any faith into it. with every version released, another step further away from "god's word". seriously, how could anyone alter a single word in a tome handed down by god itself? it's the same as saying, "god sure screwed up the first edition, so we better fix what the creator of all things was unable to get right the first time". such audacious blasphemy. to think you could alter even a single word and escape the fires of hell.
   if you want to see what it would be like to actually follow the bible, check out how the islamaholes follow their holy book. it would be much along those lines. you have to hand it to them, at least they are doing what their shitty allah tells them to do.
   see, no getting through. locked up in a voluntary self-convicted prison sentence of fictional belief. i like your "everyone is born atheist" point. then the parents drag the innocent child into the chosen dogma by force. religion continues only through child abuse. with so many gods and deities that humanity has created in a relatively short history, i am amazed they managed to pick the right one. if you happen to be born in a different country or even different areas within countries, you will be assigned a different god and belief system. christians claim god created the universe, but this 'one true god' can't even get everyone on his tiny planet earth, on the same page. simple logic is simple.
   i imagine you would join me in believing, if all of a sudden the clouds opened up and it appeared to everyone globally. "hello, my earth peeps! surprise! it's me, your real god! cut the shit and believe!". alas, that's never going to happen because there is no god and that will only and always be a hilarious scene in 'monty python's holy grail'.
   a just and righteous god, regardless of whose it is, could easily settle the mystery, stop all the religious wars, and set everyone on the right path by simply making himself known. stop with the mystery and show your face. only a raging douche could enjoy being such a jackass by hiding behind so many different religions and making his people guess which one is right or go to hell for easily choosing wrong.

   i find it hard to comprehend that anyone with two brain cells left for rational thought, can waste that thought on the illusion of a space daddy. i mean, if they seriously buy into that nonsense, why should i take anything they say, do, or stand for seriously?

   you can not enlighten those that believe in their destructive and cruel magical sky wizard. you can not get through to them. they will continue to follow their book of fables and remain in a state of delusion. facts have no effect. reasoning is impossible, as reasonable people understand logic and science, as opposed to a religion stolen and built from several before it. you'd probably have better luck converting rocks and small furry forest creatures to your blasphemous atheist evils.
   i detest all religion. they are all 100% man made creations of greed, power, control, war, and evil against the very people that believe in whatever fictional nonsense they were indoctrinated into as a child. the more into their chosen belief, the less skill they have to understand logic and reason. the hypocrisy of christians' ability to pick and choose what they believe and follow in their silly book of fables, negates their claim to be following the book at all. one would think that by the 21st century, people would have evolved past this bullshit, but instead, are becoming increasingly more violent in it's support. that in and of itself, proves religion to be more a harm than a good.
   remember, anytime anything disastrous occurs, use this calculator to judge how god works:
1 - god can not stop bad things from happening. therefor, it is not 'all powerful'.
2 - god will not stop bad things from happening. therefor, it could be surmised that any prayers will fall upon your cruel god's deaf, uncaring ears.
3 - god causes bad things to happen. after all, your loving god is the cause of ALL things, thus cares not how many of his pawn children suffer for his apparently devious enjoyment.
4 - god does not exist, which makes the most logical and realistic sense.
   there are no other options. open your mind and wake up. the next time a tornado destroys a town, a baby is born grossly defective, or thousands of children die of starvation, process that through the 4 point calculator.

   praying: when doing absolutely nothing to help, feels like helping. it's the absolute least you can do, so you can get on with your day feeling better about yourself for no reason what so ever.
   god is indeed man's cruelest, most destructive invention.
   one might suggest god, the cause of all things, endorses the suicidal, thus unwilling to stop them or bless them afterwards. your prayers will be just as effective after the fact, as they would have been before it.
   the time has come in the history of humanity, to cast aside the ridiculous notion of god and religion. it has been and continues to be mankind's undoing. the whole "my god is better than your god" nonsense is an exhausting exercise in fictional futility.
   there are laws in place based on the push of religious doctrine, such as alcohol sales on sunday and other such nonsense. i desire to see churches taxed like everyone else. also, i don't believe atheists are so much offended by one's belief in a nonexistent sky wizard, more so annoyed by the consequences of such a notion controlling reality because if it.
   i've had it with every religion. the people wrapped up in them are the most intolerant and judgmental people on the planet. nothing but pain and sorrow comes from religion. if you don't like the words from people like me, please, i beg you, go away. you insufferable members of the god squad make me want to puke straight up. grow a brain and be the moral people you can be without worshiping some mythical deity that has never existed, can not be proven, and has been nothing but trouble for all humanity.
   any god can be in any school. laws can not keep out what one has within oneself. just stop subjecting me to any aspect of religion, as i have no use for it. as for those without god being more intolerant and judgmental, that's just typical ranting in place of intelligent argument. it's false and easily dispatched as false. you'll have to do better than that.
   i love how the bible thumpers will quickly judge me to hell. so much for what jesus would do. bottom line, where was your god when these kids were getting bullet holes ripped through them? why did he allow this shitbag to have such a horrid disregard for others? why worship some entity so cruel? surprise, your god is the devil. you've all been duped.
   about the latest school shooting: i take it you are ok with your god allowing these children to get massacred? according to you, it knew all about it. instead of stopping it, it chose instead to make notes as to same sex couples fornicating or maybe off creating a new galaxy. i know, it has a better place for the kids and thought it better he haul them off to heaven, screw what their parents might prefer. tell me, how do you justify such devotion to such a cruel deity? is it fear that drives you to this worship? the 'better safe than sorry' route? with so much science debunking your supreme being, you still rally behind the never ending pain and suffering he bestows upon the very humanity he created and supposedly loves. what joy it must have in the continued torture of it's minions. yesterday, gun death, tomorrow, more childhood cancer and starvation.
   you can look to whatever fairy tale you wish for all i care. it really doesn't matter, just never try to force it on anyone. my original point was simply the fact so many call for prayers to the same god that caused the problem in the first place. you can't have it both ways. how can you expect the same all powerful and controller of all things to destroy some and then comfort others? it's hypocrisy on the highest order. you can not argue that, but you sure can name call about it. keep on looking to your god and enjoy the comfort it brings you, but don't for a moment think everyone must respect and accept your beliefs, simply because you insist we do.
   help me out here. was it not god itself that threw the tornado at moore, oklahoma? why would this destroying god then respond to prayer about it? religion is funny like that. is your god not the ultimate controller of all things? according to your bible, it indeed is. your god made the tornado and refused to stop it. i find great humor in your endless devotion to such a violent belief and undying ability to explain away all the hypocrisy it entails.
   i think it's too kind to call them "fairy tales". fairy tales are mostly nice and positive. religions are mass psychotic manipulation tools to control vast masses with fear and slave-like obedience, not quite a fairy tale. it's gruesome, evil, sadistic fiction, describing many atrocities and perversions, hardly a fairy tale.
   it is not illegal to be offended. as for religion, there are no requirements to respect any of them. they are nothing but man made creations of power, control, abuse, greed, lies, sorrow, hypocrisy, and endless death in the name of whatever non-existent god soothes your troubled mind. they are the equivalent of worshiping any fictional character ever created by mankind. good luck with your chosen nonsense.
   the more devout they are, the more hate they can carry within. religious hypocrisy harbors evil that flies in the face of what their jesus supposedly preached. history is rich with religions' hateful murderous ways, all in the name of their glorious creator. i have family members that cherish their baby jesus and disregard me for my lack of belief . i miss them not. life has more to offer than following a god created by man. i should perhaps consider being cast away by those hateful hypocrites as a blessing from god.~

   is it really a surprise the devout use death as a tool for spreading the joy of god? look at history. look at today. believe in my god or die. call it christianity, islam, or any other of the multitude of dogmas. same basic bullshit, wrapped up in a different man-made book.
   your man written book of contradictory fables should have no bearing on anything outside of the worship of your invisible sky master. those of us that do not buy into the ridiculous notion of god, should not be dictated to by those that do.
   good thing we have one of god's spokesholes judging in and letting us know his spooky space genie is a thinned skinned narcissistic cry baby that throws a hissy fit and punishes anyone that fails to worship it properly.
   god does not have mercy on our stupidity, because there is no god. if there were, god could very well stop people from committing suicide, yet it does not. instead, your god leads them to the bridge and casts them off. your god is fail. it has always been fail. you follow a fail god. you worship fail.
   it's cute how you in the godsquad declare your lord is the creator, overseer, cause, and controller of all things, yet conveniently pick and choose and bend the rules to suit your need. mere humans speak for the jesus/god that "god allows this", "god does not allow that", "god is all powerful", "god can not do that." come on, make up your man-made-god given minds. you can not simply make shit up. oh, wait...
   if we truly believed in fairies, prayed to them, built lavish buildings to house the fairy faithful, had a holy fairy bible that we used to "prove" their existence [which you can not disprove], shoved it in everyone's face, insisted fairy lore be taught in the schools, created laws written for all that are based on these fairy beliefs, insisted that 'in fairies we trust' was printed on all the money, pledged 'one nation, under fairies', raked in countless billions of tax-free dollars in the process, and worst of all, forced this belief on your children, you would think we were completely mentally ill and perhaps criminally insane. need we say more? it's exactly the same thing! your god is nothing more than a fairy king fraud.
   every religion in human history has had those that insisted they saw and/or communicated with their version of any one of the 3000 or so gods and/or deities that man has invented along the way. how can this be if there is only 'one true god'? it had to be a miracle that you were to be born to the right people in the right location to hit the lucky 'one true god' lottery, where anyone born outside any of the 'one true god' geographical locations and believing otherwise, will be cast into hell's fire. how loving of it.
   god does not do anything because it does not exist. if it did exist and still let the historically long list of horrific things happen through the ages, that still continues today, then it is a raging douche and we have little use for such a creation, much less worshipping one. the jesus has the same chance of coming back as l. ron hubbard coming back to all the scilon loons. your lord/god could solve all of man's strife, bewilderment, struggles over religion, and literally everything else, by making itself known. simply show itself. get everyone on the same page, stop the bullshit, and simply appear. nope, never did, never will. god would much rather the world suffers, fighting over who's invisible super friend is real. your weak no-show god is playing the universe's worse game of hide-n-seek. come out, come out, wherever you are, but you can not, because you are not.
   god sends sinners to his super dooper special eternal torture place, because it loves them just that much. we sin, we go to hell. seems pretty cut and dry. not sure how you haven't picked up on that little gem yet. who was this person that told you "that before my Dad hit the water that Jesus caught his spirit and he was lifted into heaven"? that's some special insight into nonsensical spiritual manipulation, where anything can be made up, passed along, and believed as true fact. the justification of fiction as fact is the root of religious belief. exactly the same as believing in fairy tales or any other fictitious writing. religious belief is believing in lies and outright fabrications of fiction that have nothing to do with reality.
   thank you for the mind numbing lecture on how you truly hope your lord/god punishes those who don't goosestep down the same path you do. can not imagine how much time you have wasted by praying to your mystical hiding cloud buddy and dedicating your short earthly life to an afterlife in a nonexistent heaven. so very sad indeed.
   we demons find great humor in you self-righteous religitard extremists. your judgmental ranting in the name of the lord makes us doubt if the lord would even want to walk with you. we're sure he would place his hands squarely upon your shoulders, look you straight in the eye, and with his divine good wisdom, shake the shit out of you in an attempt to shut you the hell up. you do not speak for him and you are in no position to judge us. we are indeed completely unembarrassed about this site. your determination we harbor guilt and a lack of conscious could not be more wrong. our combative and sarcastic way in which we respond to you haters, proves that you lack even the most basic understanding of humor and are simply determined to control those that do not do as you demand they would do or live the way you require them to live. we imagine you often lower the fun quotient in the presence of others with your endless judgmental blather. you are correct, we don't comprehend what you are talking about because we flat don't give a shit what you are talking about. you keep on believing that you and only you are on the right path, just do the world a favor and keep it to yourself. you are correct with one thing, there's nothing original and/or clever with our response to your input, as we're sure you've heard all this many times before. in closing, we have no desire to be harassed in a more direct manner by the meddling likes of you, therefore we do use a domain proxy and thank the almighty non-existent lord baby jesus repeatedly for it.
   this website is not here to argue whether or not your imaginary friends are real or responsible for anything, although this page is. of course everyone should question god in an effort to educate oneself to the idea that there is no god and you can live a moral, godless life without fear. you offered your beliefs and we hope they work out for you, but they won't.
   the jesus could very well heal the mentally ill, such as you, instead of creating the mentally ill, such as you. the jesus created the darkness, as is written in your silly book. asking him to remove the same spirit of suicide that he placed within one, seems illogical. can't the jesus make up it's own mind? either make you take yourself out or stop you from the thought of it. such a fickle one, the jesus be.
   you just can't make up this crap. oh wait, yes you can, it's all made up. writing the word 'fact' does not automatically make anything a fact. your almighty super friend will not be there for you when you die, it's just a fact. see how easy that works?
   "hello and welcome to hell. your reserved spot in the lake of fire is right over here. today's specials are pain, suffering, and a reminder that the all loving god created this horrific torture for those that do not worship him properly, for he is a narcissistic god. it's all about him and his delicate fragile ego, that you failed to stroke sufficiently, so like a spoiled child, he threw a fit and dropped you in here. have a shitty eternity."
   if your god is indeed a loving god, it would not have created the horrific conditions so many humans find themselves in throughout history and today. you say god grants us freedom? there is no freedom of cancer, there is no freedom of starvation, there is no freedom of natural disasters killing thousands. these are just a few of the horrific conditions your god created and casts upon the very people that love the god that supposedly loves them. where is your god when it's people are crying out, begging for it's interference when they need it most? your god could very well not decimate it's people like it does. it created hell to torture it's people, forever in eternity, for simply doubting it's unprovable existence or for touching themselves for the pleasure this same god gave them the ability to enjoy. it hides itself from detection, allowing thousands of other "false" religions to exist throughout history and all around the world, instead of simply showing itself and establishing the one true religion, with everyone on the same page globally. does any of this make sense to you? have you ever taken a minute to rationally consider, that the religion you were forced into as a child, is nothing more than a made-up system of faith in nothing, a massive control tool handed down from parent to child, generation after generation, with no basis in reality? finally, god did not create freedom. freedom is granted or taken away by humans. your god allows mere humans to dominate other humans through force, often hellishly. slavery is condoned by the bible and continues today around the world. sex slavery and child murder by the victorious is also condoned by your holy book. where god could very easily stop the pain and suffering endured by millions today and throughout history, it would rather cast people to hell for an eternity, over trivial bullshit, such as how people want to have sex, using it's name in vain, or having impure thoughts, whatever those might be. these are the things you truly believe, whether you will admit it or not.
   god did not create man, man created god. i do not believe there is a god or that the jesus guy is ever returning. i need concrete proof, not someone in a funny hat telling me to believe in a bunch of tales, based on centuries of misunderstood science and handed down stories, all with about as much merit as a mother goose tale. i believe that religious intolerance is responsible for far too many conflicts on this planet, "believe our way or die!". i do not care what a person believes. believe a tree is your god for all i care. just don't press me to believe it, try to teach it in the public schools, or legislate to all, based on your ridiculous beliefs.
   i find it rather humorous that stains and 'images' on the most inane items can be worshiped, simply because they appear to resemble one of the bible characters.
notable quotes...
   "Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion." - Steven Weinberg
   "never trust a person who can clear their conscience of any immoral act, by asking forgiveness from their imaginary friend."
   "the bible is like a software license, no one actually reads it, they just skip to the end and click 'i agree'."
   god says, "worship me, so i can save you from what i'm going to do to you if you don't worship me".
   "Isn't it a remarkable coincidence almost everyone has the same religion as their parents? And it always just happens to be the right religion. Religions run in families. If we’d been brought up in ancient Greece, we would all be worshiping Zeus and Apollo. If we had been born Vikings, we would be worshiping Wotan and Thor. How does this come about? Through childhood indoctrination."
   "I've yet to meet this mythical creature, the 'humble Christian', every one of them I meet is judgmental, arrogant, and condescending, either overtly or covertly, as they are assured they have all the answers and I will burn in hell."
by the book...
   isaiah 45:7 - "i form the light, and create darkness: i make peace, and create evil: i the lord do all these things." the lord is cause of all evil things.
   matthew 10:34-37 - "do not suppose that i have come to bring peace to the earth. i did not come to bring peace, but a sword. for i have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law— a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household. anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." the narcissist lord hates your family and will destroy it if you do not love him the most.
   timothy 2:12 - "i do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet." if only you bible thumping women would listen to what your lord says and shut your pie holes. if you truly love god and his word, you should not be a teacher or a boss of a man. now get in that kitchen and make me a sandwich!
the internet, where religion goes to die...
   exchange your worship of fiction, for educated logic, reason, science, and common sense. you will instantly feel the i.q. points entering your healing brain.
20 reasons to abandon christianity

the thinking atheist:
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lower level nonsense:
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why is there continued belief in godly fiction?
cognitive dissonance  •  compartmentalization

separation of church and legal tender...
   religiphobe - 1. one that fears the harms that religion brings to humanity.
2. fear of the extremely religious and their demand that others must be as them or suffer/die.
   religipocrisy - 1. that special way the religious bend and change "god's word" to suit their current need, assuring themselves they are in the right, no matter how wrong they are, or who they hurt in the process, usually by concealing their true hateful character behind a facade of fake caring, love, and goodness.
2. to demand respect for one's belief, while disrespecting all other beliefs.

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