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sjw - social justice warriors

aka: social justice crybullies

   sjw - social justice warriors: noun; those that use their real life and online time and energy, insisting that everyone else must march lockstep with a progressive agenda approved, politically correct way of life and thinking, or be shouted down until they succumb to this demand.
   with a generally limited knowledge of common sense reality, how an economy actually works, or how successful societies function, these pseudo-intellectuals are totally incapable of independent thought. they rarely come up with their own conclusions and simply glom on to the most popular progressive groupthink point of view, often with no real understanding or actual caring for what they now stand for. they typically repeat points from whoever/whatever is the most popular blogger, commenter, speaker, or dogpile of the moment, hoping to score 'sj points' and become popular in return. many get their "facts" from internet memes, with zero assurance they are even remotely factual. people that were previously overlooked in everyday life, are now noticed and feel they have meaning, importance, and purpose. it's a system of empowering the powerless, without the responsibility of the power they now command.
   while grossly self-important, they tend to be unpopular outside of their little like-minded and 'entitled' social group and are often fraught with paranoia, anxieties, irrational fears, rabid anger, and depression. many are just really shitty at life, so they blame society, as if society owes them for something they can't or won't work for themselves. they expect and demand free things from the taxpayers, their parents, and/or others, as if they are entitled to things they can not afford, simply because there are those that can and "it's not fair!".
   they crave to be victims of perceived bigots, racists, homophobes, sexists, transphobics, misogynists, fatphobics, ableists, oppressives, 'rape culturists', shamers, jokes, "wrong" opinions, and/or whatever 'ic', 'ism', 'ist', or 'phobe' their current list of micro-aggressors calls for, especially straight white males that must "check their privilege". anything that flies in the face of their dream-like socialist reality is "problematic". they tend to have little to no sense of humor and more often fail to comprehend sarcasm, satire, irony, or jokes. they do, however, excel at hypocrisy, by behaving in a way they would never tolerate from those unlike themselves.
   their world is based on feelings and emotions, not reality. logic and reason hold no value. they see themselves as super heroes to the progressive agenda. you will have no luck getting through to them, as they are usually thin-skinned, illogical, unreasonable, loud, and will become louder and more aggressive, the more they see facts and truth getting in the way of their wishful thinking narrative. they blame others, 'the right', those more successful, the "rich", "white privilege", and/or "systematic sexism/racism/discrimination" for their own life's failings, instead of realizing they are tyrannical spoiled failures of their own undoing.
   they often decorate themselves for attention, with bizarre/excessive piercings, idiotic hair/make-up color/style, goofy tattoos, and/or fat. they will quickly become agitated if you outwardly notice and/or comment on their appearance, as it will be considered 'shaming' and/or 'hateful'.
   they will gladly dominate a conversation by correcting your "incorrect speech", are quick to accuse "hate speech!", and/or name call when they hear anything that threatens their delicate insecurities or have no viable dialog left to debate. when nothing else works, loud mindless chanting becomes their go-to move. say things they don't want to hear and you will get labeled a troll, hater, bigot, and any number of new and inventive slights against you, the "nazi oppressor".
   they are the least tolerant in their demand for tolerance. you must be a part of their accepted collective or suffer with continued harassment, job loss, and/or financial ruin. never underestimate the power of sjw in great numbers. they can quickly develop a 'mob justice' mentality and often spiral into crazed shout-downs and/or violence with anyone that disagrees with them.
   more and more, sjw will get into arguments and debates with fellow sjw that are not politically correct enough or are considered flawed in their correctness. it is wildly amusing to see this increasingly cannibalistic tendency. (see canniberalism) it's becoming an 'i am better at social justice than you' competition. they will rail against any "minority" that may hold a conservative view, blacks that aren't "black enough", or women that are not feminists, as decreed by p.c. law. it's sadly humorous to see white people loathe themselves because of their whiteness. their internalized white guilt eats away at them to a point, they actually hate themselves and fellow whites and desire that all whites be punished for being white. these are often soft, sickly pale, snow white casper people, that hate their race for no reason, other than for being white. comedy gold, yet wildly pathetic.
   for some inexplicable reason, corporations, politicians, celebrities, schools, and the media, are far too often frightened into submission by even one sjw, leading to forced apologies, firings, resignations, destroyed reputations, blacklisting, ruined lives, capitulations, and unrealistic expectations of change in society as a whole. while these entities could and should easily tell the sjw to "shut the fuck up" and take a stand for logic and reason, they would rather cower in fear, bend over backward, and placate. we could ignore the sjw into obsolescence, we just don't.
   focusing less on real education and more on social issues of useless relevance, many schools and universities have become the breeding ground and day care centers for these misguided parasitic societal anomalies, some to the point of soothing their delicate fragile psyches with play-doh, coloring books, hot chocolate, hugs, counselors, safe spaces, and ponies, when they don't get their way. this, however, could very well change, if alumni would stop donating funds and parents stop sending their soft, mushy, and easily manipulated children to these millennialgartens. taxpayer monies should be diverted away from them and aimed at trade schools, where they would do more good in the long run, for the students and society as a whole.
   feel free to observe the whining sjw, as they drone on and on about their current complaint du jour, in a generally sing-songy, upspeaking, chanting, and/or condescending manner. it can be entertaining to hear them prattling on and on with stellar illogic, inventive "facts", and baseless accusations and assumptions, regardless of validity. good luck making sense of or debating with their irrational demands or inability to rationally dialog. better yet, don't bother trying. if you do, keep your distance or you may be physically attacked for your effort. never venture alone into a hive of them. be aware of your surroundings and always watch your back. they like to throw things too, so be prepared.

see also:
• "going liberal" is the new "going postal"
• traumatized 'safe space from words' shelter dweller,
hiding from ideas, facts, opinions, criticism, reality, life
• sticks and stones may break my bones,
and words will always hurt me
• jokes and comedy must be p.c.
• "correct" opinions
• only approved speech is free speech
• spelling/grammar corrections create a “hostile learning environment”
• approved p.c. language guide
• scream about a lack of rights that you actually have
• demanding special rights at the expense of others
• meddling millennials that can function little more than their phone
• "adults" preoccupied with 'pokιmon go' and other childish internet/game distractions, in lieu of mature adulting
• sensitive, lumberjack-looking, but can't change a car tire, giggling pussyfied man-child
• mom's long-term basement guest
• overly emotional pansy
• start an argument you either can't finish or don't like the result, then find a way to be a victim.
• feminized male
• dogpile against debate
• oppression olympics
• sjw points tally board
• prone to fighting about stupid things
• weak timid nervous frightened trauma princess, be it male, female, or the current gender of the day
• bearded hipster douche
• uptight panty wadded victims of perceived injustice
• "i am so upset! i am quitting all social media!", but will be back on by tomorrow.
• "i am moving to canada if trump wins!", yet never mexico, but will stay here instead anyway.
• triggered hurt feelings wuss
• easily offended adultbaby
• soft 'work is hard' lay-about
• annoying whiner cabal
• progbot
• identitarians, those that live for identity politics.
• insecure white peoples' guilt squad
• open season on white males
• "only white people can be racist"
• hate crime hoax
• "'the constitution' must go!"
• progressive anti-patriotism/narrative
• anyone opposed to me is regressive
• socialism/fascism over capitalism
• collegiate logicectomy
• lamestream media
• antifa, alt-left radicals
• blm, 'black lives matter' racist hate group, black supremacy
• no one should be rich
• minority badge of entitlement
• crybully, crybaby train
• transtrender
• sensitivity police
• sexual dimorphism
• fictional facts
• uneducated victim talk
• lifestyle nazi
• court of public opinion
• accuse the opposition of being hitler/nazis
• feelings are facts
• leftopia
• toxic femininity
• emotion overrides logic
• lifetime victimhood
• recreational outrage
• hysteria is a valid expression of emotion
• irrational crying, not just for infants any more
• adversity intolerance
• there are no losers, only winners
• everyone gets a trophy
• progressive libtard
• shitstir just because
• Tumblrina
• liberal hypocrisy/lying is acceptable truth
• only liberals can comment on cultures not their own
• wearing any costume from another culture is racist
• forced multicultural diversity
• liberalism has evolved into a mental disorder
• speaking out about islamic terrorism is islamaphobic
• 'jazz hands' to replace offensive hand clapping
• responsibility avoidance
• the incompetents
• a bouillon cube of stupid, concentrated and over powering
• pampered special snowflake
• gender neutrality requirements/dysphoria.
• manipulating one's mental illness to garner attention
• sexual identity disorder is more often a mental illness
• freedom of expression though rioting
• sexists condemning sexism
racists condemning racism
bigots condemning bigotry
fascists condemning fascism
haters condemning hate
• 'butthurt' is an acceptable state of mind
• "i identify as <insert any random thing here>."
• feminists, please pick: sharia or women's rights, because you can't have both.
• liberal violence may be liberally applied
• "fight discrimination by discriminating!"
• "i get all my facts from internet memes."
• "i demand respect!", while disrespecting anyone outside my groupthink.
• "i know socialism hasn't worked in the past, but our socialism will work."
• the "i love my body!" chunkers that definitely hate their bodies.
• 'i demand my own personal-gender bathroom' freakshow.
• 'if i don't get my way, i will throw a tantrum' infant adult.
• 'what the hell is that?' mystery gender thing.
• 'conform to my world view!' narcissist.
• 'life must be fair!' dreamer.
• 'everyone I don't like is Hitler'
• 'everything should be free' loader.
• 'i want the government to wipe my ass' deadbeat loser.
• 'steal from the rich to give to the poor' justifiable thievery.
sjw buzzwords:
• "1 in 5"
• $0.75/$1.00
• a/abro/aego/akoi/aliqua/amicus/andro/androgyno/
spectra/specio/thym/trans/uni/volit/woma/zoo sexual
• ableist, ableism
• acceptable sexual orientation
• accountable, accountability
• adultism
• advantaged/disadvantaged social group
• ageism
• all woke, no joke
• alternative facts
• alt right/jew
• anti woman/female/gay/trans/sjw/any "oppressed" group
• assigned female/male at birth, AFAB/AMAB
• beta male feminist
• bias language
• bigot, bigotry
• biphobia
• birth assigned sex
• black lives matter
• body acceptance
• brocialism (socialism will result in gender equality)
• call out/cancel culture
• caucasiophobic
• chad
• cis gender/sexism/heterpatriarchy/ethnic/plaining/archy
• collusion
• colorism
• consent, without consent
• creepy, creeper
• cuck, cuckservative
• cultural insensitivity/appropriation
• deadnaming
• derailing, derail
• disenfranchised <insert marginalized group>
• discrimination
• disempowerment of subordinated/targeted groups
• diverse, diversity
• dog whistle
• dominant culture
• "educate yourself!"/"it's not my job to educate you!"
• emotional incontinence/labor
• empower, empowered, empowerment
• enlightened, enlightenment, enwhitenment
• equality
• essentialism
• ethnocentrism
• evolve, evolved
• exclusion/exclusionary
• fat acceptance/activism/ism/phobic/shaming
• feminism
• first language
• gay
• gender abolition/binary/choice/conforming/equality/
expression/fluid/freedom/identity/neutrality/queer/role/"is a social construct"
• glass ceiling
• goodnight alt-right/white pride
• groupthink
• hate filled/speech/crime/facts
• hegemonic masculinity
• hetero normative/sexual/sexism
• heterosexual privilege of straight black men
• "he will not divide us!" (repeat until forever)
• hierarchical relationship
• hitler, hitler's playbook, literally hitler
• homo phobe/phobia/phobic
• horizontal/internalized oppression
• "i am triggered!/fearful!/uncomfortable!"
• 'ic', 'ism', 'ist', 'phobia', or 'phobic' (tacked on to many words to create new and exciting slights against the oppressed)
• identity politics, identitarian
• ignorance
• imbalance in/of power
• impacted by multiple axes of oppression and privilege
• inappropriate, misappropriate
• inclusive, inclusiveness
• inherent superiority
• injustice, "no justice, no peace"
• <insert group> voices
• institutional/systematic/pervasive/routine sexism/racism/discrimination
• internalize/internalized oppression/superiority
• internet activist
• intersectionality
• intersex
• islamophobia
• "it's (the current year)!"
• kyriarchy
• level playing field
• LGBTTQQFAGPBDSMEIEIO (more letters coming soon)
• liberalist, libertarian
• literally
• lookism
• "love trumps hate"
• male/female identified person
• manarchism (social anarchism will result in gender equality)
• man slamming/spreading
• marginalize/marginalized group
• meninist
• micro/macro aggression
• misgendering
• misogyny/mysoginist
• multiculturalism
• nazi!
• neckbeard
• neoreactionary
• open dialogue
• oppress, oppression, oppressionist
• otherkin (a person who self-identifies as a non-human)
• passive aggressive remark
• patriarchy
• patriot
• perpetual childlike behavior
• persecution
• personal bias
• pink pussy hat
• policing
• polysexual
• post fact/truth
• preferred pronoun
• prejudice, prejudice plus power
• pride
• privilege
• problematic
• progressive, progressive stack
• punching down
• questioning
• radicalize
• racist, racism, race realist
• rape culture/threats/apology
• reactionary
• reductionist
• safe space, safer space, positive space
• secondary sex characteristics
• self identity/identify/identified/identification
• sexist, sexism, sexual orientation
• shaming, "shame! shame! shame! shame!"
• shitlord
• silencing, silenced
• sjw crymob
• slave, slavery
• "slur!"
• slut shaming
• social/biological construct
• socio-economic classes/class/classism/privilege
• speechcrime
• able/age/conde/econo/hetero/man/
priv/size/straight/thin/white splaining
• stare raping
• stereotype, stereotypical feminine/masculine activities/characteristics
• straight/white/privileged male/female
• supremacist
• system of oppression
• toxic masculinity/conservatism
• traditionalist
• trans abled/ethnic/gender/phobic/phobia/sexual/whatever
• trigger warning, trigger, triggered
(these words may also be triggering)
• troll, trolling
• two-spirit
• under/non represented
• verbal violence
• victim blaming/mentality
• virtue signaling
• volkist
• wage gap
• whataboutism
• "whatever"
• white male/narratives/privilege/
• women with penises
• "wow like wow", "wow just wow"
• woke, woke scold/fail
• wrong side of history
• wrongthink
• "you are (insert year) old!"
• "you sound white/male/(insert anti-white rhetoric here)."
• xenophobia/phobic
pronoun education...
    study up on this handy politically correct pronoun guide, so you do not become a target of hate and venom from a hideous sjw at the next meeting of random assorted genders:

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feminist and sjw fail compilations
sjw cringe machine
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sjw enablers:
• suffolk university, boston: sj terminology
• s.j. high school
• 20 great value colleges safe spaces
• u.c. davis:
words that hurt • glossary • pronouns • LGBTQIA ally tips
• glossary of accusations:  1  •  2 •  3 
• glossary of sjw terminology
• professor watchlist: when teachers go bad
  • add entities that pander to sjw •
   adultbaby - noun; adults that can not grasp maturity, but instead, fall back on childish behavior. i.e., tantrum when they do not get their way, childish pastimes and interests. they tend to display immature behavior, are fearful, paranoid and triggered about everything, demand instant gratification, feel they are owed things, and generally have an arrested development in life. they continue to act as children and put childish feelings ahead of mature adulting.

   canniberalism - noun; the very satisfying state of existence, when sjw attack other sjw, because they are not progressive enough or are progressing improperly. i.e., railing against any "minority" that may hold a conservative view or is not accepting of their prescribed 'victim status', blacks that aren't "black enough", gays that don't toe the lgbt line, women that are not feminists, white people loathing themselves because of their whiteness, reasonable democrats.

   governmental illness - noun; politicians that dispel with logical, reasonable, and common sense solutions to problems, by favoring jackass stupid programs that further crush the taxpayers footing the bill, in order to satisfy the screaming sjw.

   lesspectations - noun; expecting less from someone, based on their history and obvious inability to manage their life and/or behavior. experience dictates that little thought is required to predict an outcome of the individual.

   liberal teflon - noun; a protective coating that prevents anything of a detrimental nature, to tarnish or stick-to progressive liberals, when they lie, act criminally, or perform against we the people. this same coating is guaranteed to fail when applied to non-progressive individuals that do not fit the agenda. see also, clinton teflon

   libiot - noun; a person or idea, so steeped in superbly progressive liberal bullshit, as to cause laughter instead of anger. looked at as pathetically humorous and unworthy of debate. also, libiotic

   libpocrisy - noun; when the liberal left accepts and promotes lies and abhorrent behavior, in order to promote their progressive agenda, by behaving in a manner they claim to deplore. ie., sexists condemning sexism, racists condemning racism, bigots condemning bigotry, fascists condemning fascism, haters condemning hate. libs grant themselves a pass on criminality, but want heads to roll on the right for the same crimes and behavior. another confusing confluence, are the feminists that march for islam, the very same ideology that subjectifies women, the largest and perhaps least feminist group on the planet.
see also, libpocritical groups: antifa, black lives matter

   loserwinner - noun; a person that has been told all his/her life that he/she is a winner, a champion, a hero, or a very special person, with zero actual qualifications for any of those nomenclatures. in reality, they are losers that have been brought up and conditioned into thinking they are winners. they expect the respect and rewards of winners. they are generally colossal douchbag losers and make everyone around them miserable.

   millennialgarten - noun; what were once colleges that championed free speech, new ideas, and tolerance of opposing thought, are now day care centers for young adults that are still children. pampered little children, challenged to getting their way and always placated, in order to not make them angry and throw them into tantrum. it's where soft, easily manipulated adultbabies are sanitized against reality.

   pandermonium - noun; when the media, politicians, and/or easily manipulated adultbabies, bend over backward en masse and pander to the current cabal de jour, often loudly and angrily.

   selfishteem - noun; a person with too much undeserved self-confidence. they feel the universe revolves around them and only them. they have little regard or respect for anyone but themselves.

   the left has redefined many words:

accusations - proof

anti-fascist - using fascist tactics against those that don't march lockstep with the left's fascist agenda.

anti-women - conservative women

defamation, libel, slander - accepted methods of destroying lives.

dialog - having an emotional breakdown, screaming/chanting at, and/or physically attacking, anyone with a differing opinion.

diversity - noun, humans of all forms and variations, except those pesky white people.

feelings - facts

free speech - speech that is approved by p.c. standards.

hate - the go-to word used against anyone that stands up to leftist' tactics or expressing an opposing opinion.

hypocrisy - righteous and justified actions from the left that must be condemned when from the right.

inclusion - noun, including everyone, except those we don't want to include.

racism - accepted bigotry used against white people.

violence - justified actions taken to fight the right's freedom to speak.

voters - noun, people that vote democrat, whether they are illegal, under age, nonexistent, and/or dead.

white supremacist - a conservative black
   i am continuously amazed at how young people go on social media, seemingly proud of their inability to function life. "look at me! i am a colossal chronic loser. my super power is repeating my mistakes and blaming others for them! where's my 'life participation' trophy?!"
   the reasonable democrats (yes, they do exist), need to take back their party from the alt-left socialists or risk losing their party completely. trump's popularity is less about him and more about the democrat dumpster fire.
   i am always waiting for those on the left to actually speak up against the alt-left socialists currently dominating their party. i suppose it's the real fear of the social justice warrior mob that holds them in check. hopefully, that mob will see a major push-back, once more moderately minded democrats step up and take back their party. otherwise, the party will fail.
   as more blacks leave the democrat plantation, the better the race as a whole will do. racism is perpetuated by the left, in order to trick blacks into believing they are victims. the only thing they are victims of, is being told by the left that they are unworthy and incapable of being successful on their own, without the democrats' "help". the black race is waking up to this fallacy.
   i propose a new law: 'anyone declaring that socialism is the way that we the people should be governed, shall have their assets confiscated and redistributed, as per their wish'.
   come on, bernie, it's only fair that some of the delegates you worked hard for, get taken away and given to someone that doesn't have as many. that is your whole platform at work.
   virtually all the 'woke scold' apologies are forced. i never buy into any of them. they said what they said because that's how they actually feel. then all of a sudden, they "woke" up? bullshit.
   the only way this country will fail, is when there are more stupid voters than voters that want this country to succeed. the problem is, we are very close, if not already there.
   these teenage "economic experts" could be taught the lesson of socialism very easily. simply confiscate half their stuff and redistribute it to those with less stuff. lesson over.
   the left always wants "reasonable" change, but with each "reasonable" change they get, they go after another "reasonable" change. they never stop. they always want more. they. never. stop.
   it's ok to be (insert skin color here).
   the u.n. knows there is no climate emergency and does not care about facts or reality. the climate emergency is how the u.n. wants to create the one world government, by gaining control of the planet under the guise of saving it.

   global temperature change is cyclical and takes hundreds/thousands of years to shift up or down. there have been heating/cooling cycles occurring since the earth was formed and will continue long after mankind has ceased to exist. taxing everyone simply because this cycle exists, is not going to fix jack shit. it's a power grab and apparently, people can't wait to be put under the thumb of those wielding the power.
   diversity: take any quantity of whatever color/sex that's qualified to do the job. it could be all white, all black, all men, all women, or any combination of colors/sexes in between. it's that simple.
   islam, subjugating women for centuries and celebrated by feminists. celebrating 'World Subjugated Female Day' is wrong. #WorldSubjugatedFemaleDay
   california is the 'canary in the coal mine', as it pertains to how the rest of the united states will be governed, once the democrats regain power. sadly, there are more stupids in this country and eventually, it will happen.
   people have been dumbed down through the past several decades and dumb people tend to be democrats, thus more democrats, more lax law enforcement, more punishing the smarter producers, in favor of the dumb non-producers. we are literally one election cycle away from the untied states becoming the country of california.
   it's sad, yet amusing, when the woke get attacked by the woker mob.
   to be on the democrat plantation, one must toe the line, or be wished into the cornfield.
   not too long ago, i was told there is no such thing as the 'alt-left'. oh yes, there truly is and it is dangerous. perhaps even more dangerous than the shitty alt-right.
   women have been complaining that men ignore them, do not trust them, and need witnesses to be around them. thank you, #metoohoax
   odd that two decades into the 21st century, that truth and fact is fought against with such vigor and so many champion the promotion of lies and fabricated science.
   just keep one thing in mind. just this one thing. the alt-left will never be satisfied. no matter how much you cave, no matter the giving in, they will always want more. there will be no satisfaction until they run the show. the whole show. running every aspect of life is their ultimate goal. with each capitulation, the goal gets closer. sadly, there are always more that surrender to the whining few, instead of the tried and true "STFU!".
   pull ALL taxpayer funding from EVERY college and let these millennialgartens succeed or fail on their own. then they can go as batshit crazy as they want, without we the people funding their nonsense. then channel those funds into trade schools. give people the help needed, to learn the jobs this country needs today and into the future, as opposed to the 'gender studies' and other 'no future job 101' crap they "teach" now. seems like the common sense thing to do, which is exactly why we won't do it.
   ok, democrats, these are your people. they represent you. how's that working out? satisfied with the work they are doing, in your name, for your country? awesome, right? crybabies that can't grasp losing, continuing down a rabbit hole of continual loss. are you standing proud or secretly feeling shame? for love of country, #walkaway. now.
   democrats fought to continue the enslavement of the black people many decades ago and ever since. now they fight to enslave everyone else as well. if you vote democrat, you are voting for your own enslavement. choose wisely. vote sanely.
   we have fast tracked the mentally ill into authoritarian figures.
   i have accepted the fact that this nation will eventually succumb to the slow motion takeover. at some point, being outnumbered leads to doom. we are a lazy populace, unwilling to understand and hold on to what we have. we are a stupid populace, unable to comprehend what we are giving away and allowing to be taken away. i also believe we are maybe just one or two elections away from our demise. i fear for our children's america.
   are there really people that truly buy into anything the left deems as fact? the left's ability to spin a yarn is #1 on every fiction book list.
   apparently for many people, ignorance is more comfortable than possessing the ability to learn and comprehend knowledge.
   the 'climate crisis' is nothing more than a global power takeover, with willing nations ready to be subjugated to dictatorship. we need to abandon the 'united nations' and empty that building.
   alt-right assholes are not much different than alt-left assholes. each group loves chaos, violence, hate, and destruction.
   it's a common truth that those on the left are historically racist. sure, they champion the black race, but only as long as they contain blacks within the democrat plantation. once they escape, they are open targets for attack, even to the point of labeling them 'white supremacists'. bizarre hypocrisy at it's finest.
   a phobia is an irrational fear. there is nothing irrational about fearing islam. our demise is clearly detailed in their demonic book. it's their instruction manual on how to take over nations and their people. it's never been a secret and it's being carried out here and now, fully backed by the alt-left.
   every conservative should abandon twitter. i did and never looked back. twitter would then simmer in it's own self-created socialist safe space utopian echo chamber of alt-left hate, lies, and delusion. #selfbantwitter
   when you bend over backward and placate to the alt-left mob, against your better judgment, it will not be enough. it's never enough. you have then clearly failed yourself and now must continue to pay. you can never appease the unappeasable, so don't even try. the best offense is a good "stfu!" and then get on with your life.
   these proceedings (impeachment circus) are nothing more than a distraction from democrat criminality. it's a scramble to confuse the people into going after the very people that wish to convict actual criminals within our government. sadly, this ploy is working on far too many libiots. just imagine how wonderful this country could be, if real criminals were weeded out of government, regardless which side of the aisle, and actual work was being done.
   redefining words to suit a misguided agenda, does not alter their reality.
   wait for it, (pro-white/alt-right) fliers will turn out to be another lefty hoax, designed to malign whites. keep in mind, white people as a whole, deplore the alt-right as much as the alt-left. there is no place for idiot nazi nonsense or extremes from either side of the political spectrum.
   millions of unworthy parental beings go through the process of conceiving a child. they drink and/or take drugs and copulate. that's the fun part. they are completely incapable of the consequences of these couplings and all it entails. you need a license to fish, but can squeeze out as many babies as you can from the baby cave, with zero care and the government (tax payers) will help with the tab.
   this is how we will lose this country. under educated ill-informed voters will insist that the government wipe their collective asses. it's hard to argue with free stuff. there are more of them than there are of those smart enough to know better and are willing to work for their gains, as opposed to those willing to take gains away from the productive.
   violence and destroying things is how an immature person handles adversity. this behavior has been the go-to for the left since the 2016 election. the left is championed by legions of adultbabies, incapable of mature thought, cogent debate, or a reasonable reaction to losing. instead of making a better them, they desire to cancel their perceived adversary.
   it's easy to battle climate change, simply ban volcanoes, outlaw wildfires, and stop solar cycles. easy peasy. i am a problem solver!
   the logically thinking public lost trust in the media a long time ago. the fact that the media calls it "attacks on the press" is just a word salad blame game that they themselves served up. the media created this atmosphere and it will be years after they get their shit together before the tide turns back in it's favor.
   it's clear that the left will fabricate bullshit and throw it against the wall, in the hopes that something will stick. sadly, many people are perfectly fine with destroying others this way. if history has proven anything, is that people forget history.
   about the idea of the 10 hour school day: years ago, when the notion of "free" breakfast became a thing, i predicted there would eventually be "free" dinner as well, leading to overnight care. people thought i was nuts. yet here we are, heading toward 24/7 public boarding schools. sadly, many people would gladly hand over their kids to the system.
   sad when it's predictable how the left will respond to tragedy, when it threatens anything they detest. hate is truly on their side.
   the left has been simmering in hate for so long, joy is just a distant memory. everything is a trigger for despair and anger. sad that this voluntary state of mind consumes them to such a degree. pathetic.
   the left has been emboldened to the point, that many feel they can blurt out any conjured slight against (insert perceived victim here), with zero proof of said slight. i am willing to bet that many, if not most, rational thinking people are no longer surprised by the sheer nonsense coming from the left. instead of working for the country, they are distracting the people from paying attention to and focusing on, actually doing something about the rampant corruption of the left.
   how many sports will ride down the political slide, before they realize what a colossal mistake it is? people escape politics by watching sports. politics removes the joy from everything it touches.
   about bernie sanders' run for president: the left's strategy to battle against old white men, is to elect an old white man for president. their logic never disappoints.~
   today's entertainment programming has a predictable 'at least one of each' diversity roster. forced diversity is ridiculous and obviously hypocritically applied. it's increasingly more difficult to watch such programming, as it removes any reality they may be trying to present. it becomes a game to point out the pc players and situations written into the show, especially the required 'bumbling stupid white man'. they may already exist, but 'diversity bingo' cards should be available for tv shows, movies, and commercials.
   thugs have become more emboldened like never before. it's imperative to be aware and willing to defend yourselves. buy a gun, learn how to use it, practice, practice, practice, and be willing to use it for your life.
   people are fleeing the failing california. the problem is, they take their failed democrat mentality with them and infect their new location with it. it's like when rats abandon ship, they are still rats, with all the benefits that rats bring to their new home.
   let's face it, the dems can and will say anything they want, real or imagined, and we are expected to believe them or we are: (check all that apply) evil, racists, bigots, haters, nazis, white supremacists, traitors, sexists, and/or whatever 'ic', 'ism', 'ist', or 'phobe' they can conjure, in order to justify their lie.
   these democrat run cities never fail to come up with new and innovative ways to control the people. it's a preview with how they want to control the whole country and the world. it's what to expect if and when they ever gain full control.
   the climate change delusion, a lesson on how to get the populace to demand total governmental control.
   about the media's tendency to accuse criminality on the right, all while ignoring identical criminality on the left: every politician gets elected with a base salary and usually leaves office with millions more than the base salary could ever amass. how do you think this happens? you could run stories like this every day for every politician and never run out of stories. we get it, you hate republicans, but perhaps honestly print stories like this about your beloved democrats and maybe we wouldn't be reminded about your explicit bias, day after day.
   i'm pronoun fluid, so before you talk to me, make an appointment with my pronoun manager, no less than 15 minutes before we meet, in order to get my current acceptable pronoun. thank you.
   about the climate change hysteria: it's all about gaining total control of everything and the media is complicit. once total control is secured, the media will be eliminated. history repeats, yet the media remains ignorant.
   i imagine most blacks are weary of the democrat agenda as well. constantly being told "you can't make it without our help", "you have a target on your back", "all cops want to kill you", "the white man will hold you down", etc., will hinder the black youth from seeing their own potential. dems and the race hustlers keep lying to black people and keep them voting for their own suppression. this left agenda is in fact, the very definition of racism. this agenda is getting increasingly pushed, which proves that blacks are waking up to being used and abused by the liars claiming to champion them. #walkaway
   san fran is a 'lefty lab', where experiments into social engineering take on an extreme radical approach. with each phase of the project, a new vision of the pending utopia, slips further from reality. i can't wait for the next phase! this is some awesome science!
   factions on the right need to back off and let antifa continue their nonsense. it works better for the right, when the left is the only domestic terror group on the streets. remember, antifa only acts in democrat cities, where the police allow them to do what they do best, destroying their own. everyone, just grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch dem run cities fail after fail after fail.
   about the leftist protesters that quickly ignite violently: let's face it, the years of educational decline, is now front and center. these are the unreasonables. they can not be taught truth. they have no concept of facts. they run on fear, emotion, anger, and hate. they excel in hypocrisy. they can slip into violent tantrum when confronted with opposing opinion. they will grow in population and at some point, they will need to be dealt with and it won't be pretty. they are our future.
   about the push to put megan rapinoe in political office: she is well qualified and could surely find a hive of voters that would put her in with the new anti-american wing of the democrat alt-left.
   is there a term for a group of antifas? perhaps, a buffoonery of antifa, a whinery of antifa, a pussification of antifa, a douche-bag of antifa, a septic tank of antifa, an assfull of antifa, a rectum of antifa, a pansy of antifa, a nursery of antifa, a daycare of antifa, a diaper of antifa, a dumpster of antifa, a turd of antifa? any more suggestions?
   about the hollywood movie slip in attendance: the constant rehash of old movies and themes, forced though the woke machine, is not what the people want. unless they knock it off, it will only get worse for them, as well as the intended audience. there is only so much bullshit people will consume.
   there must be many very scared dems, confused at what to do. they see their party has turned into a cesspool, yet hold on to their love of country. at some point, i hope they gather forces and speak out, take their party back, or #walkaway.
   aoc is indicative of her age group and those under it, in that they have little to no knowledge of history, especially nazi history. if you disagree with them, you are a nazi. if you detain law breakers, you are a nazi and you hold people in concentration camps. to them, they are all the same. the educational system has failed everyone.

   aoc is the perfect representative for the out of touch youth, that are under educated, with zero comprehension of how an economy actually works, and used to getting their way, with instant gratification and near zero skills. we are in for a constant battle against the rising tide of these useless 'everything for free' cretins.
   about trans women athletes: women women athletes need to boycott all events that allow men women to compete against them. that appears to be the only way to end this stupidity.

   i think the reason the the women women don't boycott, is that they would be attacked for being bigots and haters. rightfully, women women are championed to be equal and are to be heralded for their achievements, but all that gets put aside when men women are involved. the left holds men women in higher regard than regular old fashioned women women.
   about the social media companies deleting "dangerous" accounts: i am not a fan of regulation, but these social media giants are becoming a tempting target at being named a public utility. then the government can determine their ability to censor, based on the constitution. that day may come, if the social media giants refuse to self regulate fairly.
   about the endless alt-left msm: it's getting to the point that anything from these msm clowns is not even worth reading. they are certainly not news reporters. they are merely alt-left cheerleaders, that will say anything to further an agenda, far removed from reporting factual news. they are fail.

   she is just one of many msm spokesholes, not worth the time it takes to listen to their mindless blather. they are certainly not reporting the news, but simply spewing out audio diarrhea, in order to satisfy their 24/7 alt-left "news" cycle.
   for a while now, the dems have slipped into a mindset where they have no fear of lying out loud. whatever thought bounces around in their cavernous void, gets spilled out of their facehole, regardless of reality. i truly believe they expect everyone to take them seriously and they get indignant when confronted about it. we are a dumb populace, but we are not that dumb. we have not achieved 'idiocracy' level dumb just yet.
   is it a prerequisite for leftists to be easily triggered? virtually every article about libiots, includes descriptions of them being angry and/or violently agitated.
   the movie about the lack of justice on hillary's crime spree, would be called 'the never ending promise', where all we hear is endless blather about her getting charged for something, anything, and yet, she walks free to continue her 'it was my turn!' harpy tour. either slam some charges on her or stop reporting the maybe teasefest of nothing happening.
   socialism won't take hold in a highly educated united states. that's why you have to send your youth to schools that don't teach what needs to be taught. dumb everyone down, then roll out the "everything is free!" socialism. we love free shit!
   the left's celebratory take on censorship, reveals their vile fascist/nazi stance on freedom, all while pointing the "nazi!" finger at patriotic americans. i wish all those seeking truth and honesty, bail on the social media that censors truth. let the left wallow in their social p.c. echo chambers.
   about the trend of make-up for men: 10 years ago, this article would just make me laugh. now i see 'make-up for men' as something that will happen, as men today have been spoon fed a diet of feminization that has taken hold with the softest, most pussified men in our history. they scream, cry, giggle, and emote like 12 year old girls. many look like lumberjacks, with their "manly" beards, but that's the only thing manly about them. they are overly emotional and far less physical. they would rather play video games and stare at their phones, than do anything else with their hands. getting their hands dirty has been beat out of them since childhood. it's downright frightening what this all means for the strength of this nation.
   about the push for at birth abortions: the left feels they can say, do, and get away with anything. why? because we have let them, inch by inch. the insanity won't stop because the insane are being catered to, constantly, without fail. companies, celebrities, politicians, and the media bend over and capitulate and open the doors to the next crazy bullshit. there is no such demand by sane people. we just comment on facebook, then go to work to pay for everything, while the libiots rampage and destroy. nothing will change until the sleeping right wakes the hell up and crushes this nonsense.
   about the constant beating of the racist drum, this time about "sleep reparations" for blacks: just when you think that the left can't possibly come up with more systemic sources of racism, i am once again surprised. what's next, white people have better access to the air we breathe? i can only imagine that most blacks themselves, wish this endless search for non-existent racism would just stop. telling blacks they have a target on their back, has never and will never improve the black life. blacks are just as capable of making a good life, without being told they have zero chance, so they may as well give up and blame whitey.
   history will look back on just how stupid modern man has voluntarily become. the damage being done to today's children, will wreak havoc on tomorrow's adults. we are allowing ourselves to self destruct and we are doing it at lightning speed. the left have turned minorities and children into unwitting pawns in a deadly power grab, that will benefit only the powerful, but only for so long before the whole thing colapses.
   i know so many snow white soft "men" with beards, yet they couldn't change a tire if their lives depended on it. apparently, having a beard gets you into the beta man club and that's all the manhood they need, because there is nothing else manly about them. they whine, cry, and giggle like 12 year old girls. they throw fits like the adultbabies that they are. pathetic pieces of human debris. they are our future.
   the insanity won't stop because the insane are being catered to, constantly, without fail. bitching about rap songs makes you racist. companies are so petrified of being accused, they will bend over and capitulate with a single complaint. people love being the accusers. they go from zero attention to "look what i did!". the virtue signalling is like a drug and there are millions of them now.
   can we compile a list of jackass libiots that no longer need to be reported in news articles? no more need to highlight the nonsensical. while i understand that would severely limit quantity, the quality would vastly improve and we could then maybe go outside and play.
   about alexandria ocasio-cortez: think of all the years we will have, being entertained by this mental midget, as she gets continuously re-elected by a constituency that is apparently too stupid to understand the consequences of who she is and what she stands for.
   we need places like portland and san fran to remain exactly as they are. it's imperative that they continue to be the collection point for the truly dysfunctional. why spread the nonsensical around the country, when there are these bastions of libiocy, eager to take them off our hands? thank you, utopias of progressivism, we truly appreciate your sacrifice for the nation's benefit. keep up the great work, we the people rely on you!
   well, if science proves it, then science must be bigoted, racist, problematic, and/or any number of ic, ist , ism, or phobia, and must be therefor destroyed.
   twitter is in a slow cooker and it's slowly simmering away all that is conservative. eventually, there will be nothing left but a lousy liberal stew no sane person can stomach.
   a good joke, by design, tends to trigger someone or some group. apparently, this ad campaign is a good joke. now i just wait for the eventual forced apology and capitulation to the whiners, because that's how we now roll.
   one would think that at some point, the media would figure out that they can't just continue lying. you just can't conjure up some handy bullshit and expect everyone to buy into it. the only ones that do, are myopic libiots that adhere to the agenda. sadly, there are frighteningly too many of them.
   democrats are like scientology. you must march lockstep with the program with zero deviations. once you falter, they will destroy you. their cultist demeanor is pit bull like, as they will not let go, once they clamp down. this is the democrat cult.
   about the increased proliferation of gay themed entertainment: they will keep shoving it up front, until they can't afford to produce the shows, due to viewer burnout. we get it, you're gay and everyone dances and cheers to your awesome gayness. it's contrived and boring. we really do not care, but you are making us care to not have it shoved up our ass. no pun intended.
   when obama speaks: sociopathic liars have no idea they are lying. everything they say must be true, simply because they are saying it.
   imagine being an obama fan and the cognitive dissonance you must live with, in order to continue liking the heaping pile of lying crap. something inside you keeps telling you he's lying, but you can't wrap your mind around it enough to believe it. watch the people behind him when he speaks. their eyes are glazed over, as if their ears hear what he's saying, but it all sounds like a radio that's tuned in between stations.
   every day brings a new capitulation from government, corporations, celebrities, schools, and/or the media, over another mindless sjw p.c. demand, instead of a simple stfu.
   about DNA testing for inclusion into marginalized groups: yes, now you too can become a member of one or more disenfranchised groups and reap the benefits thereof. can't get a job, sue for discrimination. get fired for doing a shitty job, sue for discrimination. that's right, you could have a lucrative career by suing for discrimination at the drop of a hat. demand the rights to other people's shit, by claiming any number of slights from racists, bigots, and nazis! send in your DNA today and start your journey down the road to riches!
   hard to convince low information voters to vote against free shit. basically, do you want the opportunity to work or would you rather sleep in late and cash that freebie? a poorly educated constituency, has no grasp of how an economy actually works, nor do they care.
   dear feminists, we get it, you hate dad. not all men are your dad. maybe if you weren't so hateful to the core, you might find happiness. instead, let your festering hate burn you out from within, we absolutely DO NOT CARE.
   the problem with all this left sided ridiculousness, is that there are far too many that have no problem with it. they will vote blue, no matter what damage it does. low educated and ill informed voters are the norm. decades of educational decline and a strong p.c. climate gives us this. red may win now, but eventually, i fear it may be the last time red wins.
   when your chosen profession is looting, you have declared your life to be less than worthless to a law abiding society. it is therefor society's responsibility to cleanse itself of you. for a better society, shoot all looters, shoot them dead.
   about false sexual assault perpetrators: penalties for false accusations should equal the penalties for actual assault. otherwise, this shit will simply escalate, as women want their 15 minutes of victim fame.
   i like to think conservatives will listen to liberal ideas, assess them with reality, and react to them with more logic and reason. liberals react to conservative ideas with feelings and emotions, disregarding logic and reality. therefor, reacting like spoiled children.
   if anything, one has to enjoy the sweet warmth from the knowledge that hillary continues to stew about trump. he has crawled inside her head and has been living there since he started his presidential run. she's gone mad because of it. it's a trump party in her head, 24/7.
   the notion of hillary residing in prison, has to be history's greatest dangling carrot. how can there be so much evidence of criminality, yet so little being done about it? stories such as these gets us all excited, only to fade away, and she is free to taunt us another day. quite maddening.
   slogans like "believe all women" are inherently ridiculous, as everyone has lied. people lie. we start young and lie our way through life. we lie to others. we lie to ourselves. big lies. little lies. it's called lying. we like to think we don't, but we do. the saying is just as asinine as "believe all men".
   right leaning celebs keep their opinions to themselves. it's survival instinct, otherwise, no more work. pretty simple to understand. no doubt there are some that will speak left, yet think right, just to play the stupid p.c. game.
   it's like a big switch was thrown and what little decorum the left had, has been thrown away in favor of 'anything goes'. the lawlessness, lying, thievery, mob mentality, and outright treasonous behavior, runs amok and unchecked. it's destroying society and it needs to stop.
   i'm convinced that there is nothing the alt-left can or will do, that will surprise me any more. each and every day brings new and exciting stupidity that used to piss me off, but now brings laughter and delight. keep it up, libiots, you make my day, daily.
   about the ease of graduating from virtually any level of public schooling: haven't you heard, you barely have to show up for classes now to graduate with honors, especially if you qualify as a member of a "marginalized group". it's easy peasy.
   the last several decades have seen fathers and intact families fall to the wayside. youth with no structure, women hating dad/men, and increased dependence on governmental support. add to that, the years of the self-esteem movement for kids, that has created legions of narcissistic adults, who insist that everything goes their way or they lose their shit. feelings have replaced facts. instant gratification and a strong lack of work ethic, have stripped away working hard, planning/saving for a future, responsibility, and self reliance. all this has created the out of control society we live in now.
   about women being triggered by virtually every man: once i walked into a secretary's cubicle to fetch some work related item. there were three women in it, that i had a good work relationship with and considered friends. i walked in with a "how you girls doing?". an hour later, i was summoned to the boss's office and had to explain my horrid faux pas. i had to explain i meant no malice and was released back to work, unscathed. i never spoke to those three again, other than strictly work related dialog. a few weeks later, one actually said to me, "you're not as fun as you used to be". i said nothing, shot her a glare, and walked away. this is becoming widespread and i truly feel bad for sane women that are not offended when men breath air in their presence. #ignorewomen
   about the left's tendency to melt down about trump: i love how this guy has firmly implanted all that is him, in the left's psyche. they are beside themselves, losing it over and over again, every day. read the posts on this thread. awesome! if hate was a viable commodity, the left would have unbridled wealth.
   sure, go ahead and continue to make and market your cute little politically correct and diverse comic book movies, as you haven't alienated everyone yet. all it will take is a few more and eventually, no one will care to see them. then maybe you can get back to making movies people want to see, without having lifestyle choices shoved up everyone's ass.
   hurricane democrats, they blow in, destroy all they touch, move along to a new target, disregarding the destruction they leave behind, and never learning from their unbridled wrath.
   children understand socialism, because that's how they live. their parents (the government) dole out necessities as needed and they do not really have to work for it. they live under the umbrella of other people's money. now kids grow into "adults" with the same mindset. "where's my free shit?"
   about the notion that cops are out to kill anyone of color: cops only have a split second to determine your intent and your help is greatly appreciated. pretty much anything other than shoving both your empty hands as far into the sky as you can, could prove fatal.
   the left's admiration and championing of the muslim culture, is a prominent jewel in the left's misguided hypocritical crown.
   about facebook's apparent shadowbanning of conservative content: many of my conservative reads have vanished and reloading often gets a blank page under the facebook header. now would be an awesome time for facebook2. it could be called factbook, where biased reporting goes to die and both sides get by on merit, not force feeding and censorship.
   about social and mainsteam media's push of leftist propaganda: while smart people have already, and will continue to see, the rampant bullshit thrust upon them, i fear the vast cabal of under educated and ill informed masses that will eat said bullshit with gusto.
   perhaps the most politically misunderstood humans in this country are the conservative blacks and hispanics. as such, they are more likely to keep their opinions to themselves, as is evident by the reaction they get from both sides. they are free thinkers, capable of making up their own minds, and will not be led around by the shackles of democrat enforced oppression. they simply want to work and be free to live the american dream, like any rational american. one can only hope their will to succeed will spread amongst the so-called "disadvantaged".
   what's truly frightening is the system the left thinks they want. all they imagine is some unreachable socialist utopia and will do whatever it takes to get what can never be had. decades of the educational system in decline gave us this.
   libiots stereotype blacks as not having the smarts, drive, or even the notion, that they can make it on their own. that's straight out subversive and the actual institutionalized racism we've heard about.
   about white people bailing on the democratic socialists: why wouldn't white people stray from a group that continuously vilifies and blames them for every evil everywhere all the time?
   about the uptick in alt-left threats, directed at those that do not bow to the progressive mindset: remember when this type of alt-left behavior was shocking? it wasn't all that long ago. it has quickly become commonplace and expected. it won't be all that long before these extremely hateful libiots begin to actually carry out their diverse and tolerant violence.
   want to fix the illegal immigration problem easily, with no need for a wall, and actually save and make money by not building it?
   just do these two things:
1) zero taxpayer funded services to illegals. nada. none.
2) anyone hiring illegals, will be fined $1000 per illegal per day.
   first, we save billions by not building a wall.
   second, we save more billions by not having illegals sucking up taxpayer funded services.
   third, we make who knows how much by fining those that hire them.
it's win/win/win! remove the incentive, remove the problem.
   'idiocracy' is less a dumb movie and more a predictive documentary.
   not all that long ago, i was chastised when i commented about the alt-left. i was told that there is no such thing. oh, it's a thing. while the alt-right is deplorable, the alt-left has surpassed it in today's vile narrative.
   the time has come for those responsible at twitter, to be held accountable for the hypocrisy they continue to demonstrate. twitter continues to punish truth, in favor of promoting hate and violence.
   about the left leaning media: people know they must seek out the truth, as opposed to being spoon fed lies and deceit. no one likes to be lied to. only the stupid and uninformed will believe the msm, which in itself is frightening, as there are far too many of them.
   sad the downward legacy of so many celebrities. instead of going out with accolades of a stellar artistic history, they will die and be known for their hideous hate and insanity, in direct opposition to the anti-hate and compassion they supposedly stood for.
   about the trend of left women demanding that men not look at them, talk to them, hold doors open for them, and etc.: tick tock when these women start complaining that men will have nothing to do with them, which they will claim to be sexist and hateful. meanwhile, they will wallow in hate and misery, blaming men for their self-imposed depression and anger. way to go, hypocritical tical batshits.
   about the 'pregnant male' fashion nonsense: everyone needs to settle down and relax. the only ones pushing this superb bullshit, are libiots and their ever shrinking circle of delusionites. no man, save for a handful of soft, snow white casper adultbabies, will carry this fashion into next week. let's just all have a grand laugh, sit back, and wait for the next pathetic installment of 'libiots on parade'.
   about trans women that dominate over real women in athletic events: on one hand, these stories are a sad statement of where we are as a culture. on the other hand, they are a hilarious statement of where we are as a culture. as long as those who find them abhorrent, stay silent, do nothing about it, and allow these ridiculous events to occur, we deserve what we get.
   i have stopped reading about or listening to artists, stars, musicians, etc., when it comes to their opinions on anything anymore. just entertain me, dancing monkey, and keep your personal bullshit to yourself. don't make me dislike you. don't destroy your reputation and legacy over your opinion, you'll lose much of your fan base, regardless the side you're on.
   about the trend of celebrity trump hatred: seems like a daily occurrence now, of once admired men and women, sailing away into a sea of hate, thus erasing the legacy of their original careers. pathetically sad, really.
   there are 2 genders and a handful of sexual anomalies that encompass a very small percentage of the population. the rest are gender dysphoric and/or mentally ill.
   there are many black conservatives, but they must hide that fact, due to progressive backlash. more and more blacks are waking up to the fact that the democrats are not the party of black advancement, but are indeed using the black race, by keeping them down and maintaining the 'black victim status'. more and more, blacks see through the ruse.
   cleansing history is simple propaganda, a continuation of an agenda. it's removing truth and replacing it with a convenient lie. the civil war never happened, please move along, nothing to see here. i'm sure the black culture will be all fixed, once there are no more reminders of that past, said no one with two logical brain cells to rub together.
   the alt-left will not stop until they re-do this country the way they want it. the rest of us live our lives and go to work. we don't have the time or feel we need to counter protest. yet each day, another bite is nibbled away of our country's way of life. for some reason, corporations and politicians cave to and honor these alt-leftists. they fear them, so they comply. the average american better wake up or get used to bigger government and fewer freedoms. this is not a theory, it's a future reality. nibble nibble nibble.......
   sjw can demand all they want, but no rationally thinking straight man will actively seek out a guy that dresses and acts like a woman. it's just not how we are wired. if you want to date mentally ill people, by all means go ahead, just don't assume that when we don't, that we're the problem.
   i feel bad for the women that are not triggered, every time a guy is within view. they are the ones that will suffer, when men will eventually have near zero to do with women at all, due to all this so-called victimization of women by men, simply by saying, "hello" or holding open a door. enough already.
   the 'new york times' is irrelevant now, much like cnn and the whole liberal media cabal. they can and will cater to the mindless alt-leftists, with little regard for truth and honesty. i feel it's going to backfire horribly, as more and more people become enlightened to reality and will outright ignore these bastions of fake news and bullshit stories. with any luck, they will eventually fade to black. at least, that is my fervent hope.
   so many of these women become these supposed feminists, because men find them unworthy of consideration. therefor, they hate men and make it well known they do, through words and actions. it's a vicious cycle. that, and for whatever reason, they hate dad. they are riddled with hate, a blinding white hot hate. in reality, they just hate themselves and what they have become, but must blame men.
   in light of all the recent inappropriate sexual allegations/accusations: i see a time coming when men will have nothing to do with the women they work with, other than actual work, as long as there are witnesses. soon will come a time when women will complain that men pay zero attention to them otherwise, at the workplace.
   the best part of all the left's demand for political correctness, is the quantity of hypocritical fail on their part. every day brings new fail. a deep, satisfying fail.
   about the mother in england that got her child's teacher suspended for "misgendering’ her female daughter as a girl when she “self-identifies” as a boy: this teacher should immediately identify as a victim of 'gender identification confusion disorder', demand appropriate counseling, an apology from the school and the dipshit mother, and assure them he will not sue the school for the trauma received while on the job, as long as they shove their suspension up their collective asses. then sue them anyway for causing such a confucktion in the first place, as how could any sane person continue to teach at such a jackass school? with everything being fluid and based solely on feelings, it's becoming extremely easy to use their stellar illogic against them. at some point, their vile hypocrisy will implode their objectives and then hopefully, a saner, more logical world will magically appear. if they look like a male, it's him. if they look like a female, it's her. if i can't tell, it's "hey there, you". i could care less what's going on in their pants and screw the bspc rules about gender etiquette.
   about this post: "Men can have babies. White people can be black. Girls can be boys. 50 year olds can be 6-year-old girls. Humans can become reptiles. There's 79 genders. Left wing politics, where biological science is non-existent.": i hope more of this bizzarro world shit happens and it happens fast. a megaoverload of this bullshit will at some point, get enough sane people to finally shut it the hell down. sane people shaking their head and doing nothing about it, allows the bullshit to continue. we whine about it here and then go to work. it needs to stop. we the people need to tell these jackasses to take their mental illness and shove it. give it zero quarter. remove the power of the stupid.
   i'm racial fluid, so i'm never really sure what race i will be from day to day, until i check my 'calendar of cultural holidays'. i demand everyone respect my current race, which usually falls on these cultural gift giving holidays. tomorrow i will be a young japanese child for the Shichi-Go-San festival. i expect gifts from every one of you, unless you hate japanese children.~
   part of trump's appeal, is how easily he can whip up a silly frenzy over the littlest of reasons. every little detail of his waking hours is scrutinized. it's to the point nothing the sjw can say will be taken seriously. they are simply pissing in the wind and the blow-back is comic gold.
   racism is a learned trait. it is taught to children, be it by parents, family, friends, or a black president trying to divide a nation.
   the united states is so racist, we not only elected a black man for president once, we did it twice. now that is some stellar racism.~
   this shitty multiple-gender mindset will eventually peter out, simply because it isn't natural. at some point, reality will return to gender thought. we just have to wait out the stupids.
   one can only imagine the number of blacks that are sick of the bs being said and done on their so-called behalf. they are just like anyone else. they want to work and care for their family, not have a bunch of jackass whites making excuses why blacks have no choice but to fail. it's backhanded racism.
   about the college students that were angry they had to take an exam after apparently not studying for it: look, just give them gold stars, a smiley face, an 'a', or whatever they use these days to shower pretend success on these millennialgarteners and move them along. better yet, just hand them their diploma now and send them off to reality. let the real world sink in now, so they can make my coffee and i can get to work.
   so tired of the assumption that atheists must be progressive liberal democrats: i am an atheist and have mocked believers, so what? am i predisposed to killing them with my legally acquired gun? no, they can be sure to continue believing in their invisible sky daddy with zero fear of me giving a shit or harming them because of it. they can also understand i would use said gun to protect them against those that would, if given the opportunity to do so. belief in bronze aged super friends has no set political affiliation, even though many assume it does.
   responding to yet another magazine running a ridiculous p.c. article: one by one, publications, companies, the media, and other businesses, are determining that alienating their customer base is a new and exciting business model.
   responding to more calls for gun control: a thousand people tragically died in the united states yesterday, from cigarette related illnesses. any word from anyone about banning them? no? carry on the selling of death to virtually anyone that wants them? ok, can do.~
   in response to more baseless accusations of racism: wait for it, american airlines will capitulate to the ridiculous claims. this is how it usually goes. they cave to the baseless accusations, thus promoting more of the same. let's face it, people can create a scenario when assuming they have been slighted, then ride it out to reward. i wonder how much the "victim" will get.
   strip away public funding of these millennialgartens and let them fester on their own. put that money into trade schools, so kids can learn a trade and get real jobs. kids that don't do well in book lernin' schools, are often better with their hands. i'd much rather see the money fund the next wave of blue collar workers, than a tsunami of worthless gender studies majors working at starbucks.
   clinton teflon - noun; a protective coating that prevents anything of a detrimental nature, to tarnish or stick to bill or hillary clinton, when they lie, act criminally, or perform against we the people. anyone trying to make something stick or expose them in any way, may find themselves suicided at any time.
   about the idiot that says the national anthem is racist: when can we, as a nation, ignore these so few clowns and their idiotic opinions? if i say the song 'take me out to the ball game' is racist, i would hope the vast majority of rational thinking people would tell me to stfu and then go on with their day, not argue about it and actually give power to my stupidity.
   with every new ridiculous claim of racism, bigotry, and/or misogyny, more people are ready to discount actual racism, bigotry, and/or misogyny. now has never been a better time to be an actual racist, bigot, or misogynist.
   now that this country is populated with so many soft, easily manipulated social media junkies, the progressive left have a simple minded target, that laps up the mantra like a cat takes to cream. the term 'circling the drain' has never been more clear, nor more frightening to me.
   these alt-left leaning writers are beginning to sound like flat earthers. how so? well, they will fabricate any argument they can conjure, in order to justify their fictional version of reality. at first, it was comedy gold. however, it didn't take all that long before the comedy wore off and i found it to be sucking i.q. points away from my brain, trying to get through their blatant drivel. now i find myself assuming these stories are simply more of the same bullshit, scroll on. by all means, keep on posting libtardist news, but i can't process any more of their pretend reality.
   i am white and do not know any other white that does not point out the flaws in other whites when we see them. hell, it's easy to want everyone to get their shit together and make their lives better, regardless their skin color. a productive and vibrant society is built with everyone working hard and moving forward, together. why is it so hard for so many blacks to not want themselves and fellow blacks to succeed on their own merit? why the staunch insistence on wallowing in perpetual victim-hood for all blacks? sounds ridiculous, but it's actually black racism against blacks. systematic black victimization and self-loathing.
   this whole left/right bullshit is orchestrated and moving along as planned. we are being set up to destroy ourselves from within. it's brilliant, because as a divided populace, we are unwilling to work together to counteract those causing the unrest. we are allowing ourselves to be doomed. we deserve what we are getting.
   as the alt-left removes monuments that will fix nothing, the alt right will, at some point, begin to remove statues as they deem worthy. is a battle between alts what we need? these extreme movements are a detriment from both sides. they both need to be held in check.
   a reply: Joe D., The alt left is not a thing.
   oh joe, you are so adorable. normally, i skip past your drivel without missing a beat, but since you responded to my post, let's see how you are mistaken. indeed there is an alt-left. there is a hate group that influences people to kill cops, hate whites, and demand segregation in the name of diversity. did one just come to mind? sure it did, but you will no doubt deny this truth. there are those that use hate to fight perceived hate, violence to fight perceived violence, fight perceived fascism by being fascists, stomp free speech if it's not the approved free speech, and fight perceived racism by being racist to whites. it's sadly humorous to see white people loathe themselves because of their whiteness. their white guilt eats away at them to a point, they actually hate themselves and fellow whites and desire that all whites be punished for being white. comedy gold, yet wildly pathetic, but i digress. you see, joe, there is an alt-left and they are just as harmful to a cogent society as the alt-right. extremism on both sides needs to be put in check. for you to deny the alt-left, is just more liberal hypocrisy, and we all know that is a thing as well.
   the current pussification of this country is a slow and easy process. like a slow cooker, the changes are gradual enough to not seem extreme. each step is justified and accepted by an easily manipulated populace. it's up to the logical and reasonable to push back against this insane progression, or be doomed to be consumed by it.
   the time has long come for a push to end taxpayer funding of these millennialgartens. if they want to play these silly pc censorship games, let them do it on students' funding alone. then hopefully, the parents of these adultbabies will wake up and pull their funding too. universities would turn around so fast, they might get dizzy.
   there is definitely a trend to be a victim. victims get attention. race, sexual identity, food, health, and more, are rife with victims demanding special service and attention. we now see service animals everywhere and most are only there because their owner is handicapped with a lack of attention. if you have real food allergies, i'm sorry, it really sucks, but perhaps go eat where they serve food you can eat and not expect restaurants to cater to your very special needs. this victim mentality is crippling society and watering down the needs of actual victims with  real issues.
   about the ban of transsexuals in the military: now watch the libtards circle the wagons, fight the decision, and eventually over turning it in the courts. the left is systematically trying to end us. for a group that is consistently anti-military, it's going to be hypocritically comical to see them fight to force the mentally ill to become a part of it.
   why do people still try to speak at berkeley? what's the point? even if they allowed it, you'd be speaking amongst argumentative lib-bots that will just shout you down and/or riot when they hear unapproved words, blatant truth, or be reminded of reality. they are not worth the effort. berkeley should be ignored into insignificance. let them have their utopian island of delusion and go speak where people will at least listen and debate with some reasonable intellect. berkeley has proven itself to be a millennialgarten and nothing more. adultbabies looking to be offended are not worthy. move along.
   when many, if not most, of the leftist protesters run out of viable dialog and truthful facts, they denigrate to yelling and name calling. they then invalidate everything they believe in and stand for. they don't even try to be honest, they just want to be right because they feel right. it's all about feelings and emotion, not truth and reality. the ones that strike me the most at being a full bubble off, are white people that hate white people and want white people punished for being white. it's illogic overload.
   it's white people that are consumed with the notion of white privilege and white guilt. no doubt a majority of blacks wish these guilt ridden whites would stfu about it, let black people thrive as they are perfectly capable of doing, and stop planting the seeds of fail in the black youth.
   the cnn fails are simply pathetic humor at this point, much like the flat earther's bullshit. yet after a while, i wonder how either continues to get traction. hopefully before too long, each and every story coming out of cnn and the msm will blow by like leaves from a tree, as no one gives a rat's ass about any of them any longer.
   there needs to be a 'see 'n say' toy for millennials. the snowflake says, "work is hard!". the gender confused says, "did you just assume my gender?". the obese feminist says, "i love my body!". the white person says, "white people must suffer!".
   about the too many university professors encouraging communism, in place of an actual education: time to end tenure and allow those that actually pay tuition, to determine who teaches and who gets released back to reality.
   racism is a many way street and no race has cornered the market. for one race to point the finger at another, while practicing the same, is racial hypocrisy.
   what's the fuss? ken has been transgender since inception. every ken doll that fell off the assembly line, did so without male genitalia. it's why barbie was so frustrated, she threw herself into so many different careers. it makes perfect sense.
   about women that do not want to be seen as sex objects: they are when they want to be and you may look at them as such. they aren't when they don't want to be and you better not see them as such. i propose women must where a hat of some sort with a light at the top. green means "see me as a sex object", red means, "stop looking at me as a sex object!". they can flip the switch randomly as fast as their minds change. you best not say anything about that either.
   until people wake up and disregard the legions of race baiters that profit off of racism, there will always be racial division, with no end in sight. focus on family integrity and education and all this racial bullshit will fade away. yet no one wants to hear that, as the truth hurts and does not play into the approved narrative.
   i stopped to help a woman change her flat tire about a month ago. there was a twenty something male sitting in the back seat. while he looked like a man, with his scruffy bearded face, he had no idea how to change a tire and was too involved with his phone to watch and learn. children need to at least learn the basics in how to do simple common life things. now we have grown "adult" people wandering the nation playing a children's game on devices that appear to be rooted into living hands. 23 is the new 13.
   at some point, can't we just let the whiners whine without giving in to their whiny whinery? just because someone is offended, why can't we let them be offended and not respond to their offense? why must all society cave to the usually very few that have an issue that has so little relevance to the society as a whole? when did being offended become against the law or something everyone must jump through hoops over?
   you need to understand we live in a society that has been raised thinking they are privileged and special. they have been told repeatedly that they are winners and champions, even though they did not earn those monikers. they have been told they are smart and "here's your diploma", even though they should have been flunked and held back. they have been conditioned to expect things to be given to them and that hard work is not necessary to get the things "i want right now!". in their addled brain, someone will, and more importantly, should provide for them. waiting until you can afford them is not an option. this entitlement mentality has led to a nation of narcissistic a-holes that have no problem pointing fail at others. they hate everything that's not in their immediate circle, yet they declare you are a hater by simply disagreeing with their opinion. they are the ones that cut you off in traffic, then give you the finger for being in their way. we are over populated with these assholes. the politicos target these people with their ads because these ads speak their hate language. it works for them. i said it before and will say it again, we are past a point of no return. the dumbing down of this country has reached a tipping point and the stupid have taken over. i have never wanted to be more wrong in my life, but i think we are in for the hardest times we can imagine, when this house of cards comes crashing down.
   we live in a very narcissistic, ego driven world where predetermined expectations demand instant gratification for almost everything. when these expectations fail to materialize fast enough, people tend to move on, often too quickly. look how quick and easy people are to divorce. people are always looking for the next exciting thing, to hell with what they have going on now. you see this at virtually every gathering of people. there they are, glued to their phones, either wishing they were doing what their other friends are doing, self-esteem down, or bragging to others about what they are doing now, self-esteem up. all the social networking has amplified people's self-worth, both good and bad. i know so many people that wallow in some weird world of self-imposed depression because of it. i know this isn't what this article was about, but venting makes my self-esteem go up and we all know it's all about me.
   we have been a nation of narcissists for generations now. the "what's in it for me?" crowd. many truly believe they are owed things. they are 'entitled'. the term 'entitlement' is a big part of the gimme gimme mentality. it pains me to have my paltry groceries on the belt, waiting for the 5 nicely dressed illegals that can't speak english to buy their $200 worth of food with a taxpayer funded food card, only to push the cart out to their nice late model crew cab pick-up truck. (yes, that actually happened.)
   addressing "white privilege": it's bullshit being foisted on one culture to explain away the failings of others. i refuse to buy into that politically correct nonsense. bringing down one group will never raise another the same as addressing the real issues. white privilege does not exist.
   people are free to be offended, as it is their choice. it just gets to be tiresome when the offended get so much power to cause change, simply because their delicate sensibilities have been tweaked. offending people is not a crime. the offended have several options. 1) move along to something not offensive, like cute cat and/or baby videos. 2) they can declare their offense and allow others to debate, ignore, or ridicule them. 3) better yet, they can get over themselves and stfu. the bottom line is, if people would toughen up and decide that they are not being forced into offense, the world would be a better place. you don't like something, we get it, now go find something you do like.
   is it just me or does anyone else see the irony of blacks calling for segregation after such a long fight against it, not all that many years ago?
   a focus on education and getting fathers to do what fathers are supposed to do, would go a long way to solving the problems in the black community. everything else is just fodder for endless dialog that results in comment forums such as this. lather. rinse. repeat. repeat. repeat.
   he was hassled by cops when he was younger and that set him up for life to hate cops that much. again, he is a part of that agenda. in his mind, that one bad cop equals all cops are bad and therefor, are all worthy of being murdered. that's the mindset we are dealing with on a much larger scale and there are legions of "i feel guilty" white privileged supporters pulling the band wagon.
   seems most all our troublesome issues are built on lies and fabrications of reality. common sense is tossed aside in favor of a convenient, although false narrative. while i understand people clinging to this false reality, i fail to comprehend others for trying to honor it and change the fabric of society to accommodate it. political correctness could very well be our eventual downfall. mind you, what we say here is seen as heresy. it is racist. we are bigots. we are to be shouted down. it is not their approved free speech.
   truth = hate. truth must be silenced when the truth does not fit the agenda. truth must be ignored, condemned, and silenced. do not let facts get in the way of the agenda.
   the current trend of epic narcissism has given people the ability to put themselves first. it's all about them and their unbridled selfishteem. yet call them out on their raging douchbaggery and you get labeled a hater. i doubt that we as a society have ever been this soft and pussyfied. somewhat frightening when i think of the ramifications of so much self-centeredness at a time when we profess working as one to better the world. while we pretend to cherish love and diversity, we practice just the opposite.
   where pride, shame, and responsibility once held a population in check, it's a virtual free-for-all, where anything goes and you best not say anything without being seen as a hater and/or bigot. expecting people to pull their own weight is seen as hateful, regardless the race or culture taking the hand-outs and giving zero in return. the way too many americans behave, dress in public, and squander the free shit they siphon from the working class, is deplorable. it is truly sad to think that simply speaking out about it is akin to hate-speech. tick tock on the once great nation, as it circles the drain.
   you are nothing more than a third party social media warrior, with panties in full-on wad over a situation outside your jurisdiction. you are hell bent on coming to the defense of others, in order to satisfy your supposed p.c. offense over something several degrees away from minding your own business. if and when one or both of the targeted parties register a complaint, i will be sure to jump to their attention. in the mean time, i highly recommend you stfu, adjust said wadded panties, and fly your outrage flag elsewhere. got it, sweetcheeks?
   it's too late. dangerous people are already here. best buy that gun for christmas, learn how to use it, practice, practice, practice, get your c.c. permit, and carry everywhere there are no metal detectors, screw the 'gun free zone'. sad to say, but it's where we are now and who we need to be.
   true hypocrisy is demonstrated by supposedly strong, independent lefty women, standing proud as a subjugated female, within the muslim faith.
   these are the kids that were raised without learning respect for others, were not held accountable or responsible for their actions, were handed everything they wanted, and were praised as champions and winners and given trophies for simply showing up. now they are adults and expect to be treated like the champions and winners they feel they are, even though they are colossal narcissistic douchebags of monumental proportions. now everyone gets to deal with these intolerable whiny self-entitled adult pricks. ain't it grand?
   entry level jobs are not intended to provide a 'living wage'. they are the incentive to become better than that, to move forward and not wallow at the burger grill into old age. that's why they are considered 'entry level jobs'. only people that have little understanding of how the economy works and politicians that placate to people that have little understanding of how the economy works, push for this illusive 'minimum/living wage'. reality dictates there is no such thing. why stop at $15/hr? why not $30/hr? better yet, everyone makes $100/hr! prosperity for everyone! the cost of living will always out pace minimum wage. always. minimum wage is not suppose to be a living wage. never has been, never will be.
   keep it up. soon, real racism will have zero impact, because of the 'sky is falling' nature of all the nonsensical non-racism racism accusations. if anything, it's dividing people against each other, the exact opposite of where we should be. we are a nation of whiners, looking to become victims at every turn. everything can not be racist, simply because someone utters the word.
   there used to be self control because shame and responsibility held people in check. now it's a free-for-all and we must not judge and can not shame. the result is people do anything they want and are told they are #1 champions and winners. they get rewarded for their ridiculous causes and mediocre performance. keep it up, fat asses. keep on shoving cheesecake down your gaping hole and we will give you a very special hero award for being so courageous and brave. electric scooters for everyone! don't get me started on how we are screwing up our kids by turning every boy into a raging pussy. there is a verifiable war on boys. as for fatty kids, next time you are out in public, take notice on the childhood obesity. fat little offspring are everywhere. see how these shitty parents have set up their children for a lifetime of being fat. it's appalling and i am starting to shame these parents for their cruel child abuse. it's bad enough these parents crush scales, but forcing their children into a life of fat is horrific. oh, but i am not allowed to judge? bullshit!
   i fully understand why people keep their opinions to themselves. we live at a time where they cause severe and dire consequences. people have been conditioned to be afraid of words. that old saying "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" has long stopped being applicable.
   the word 'hate' has been redefined to mean any speech that does not fit that agenda. i vehemently disregard that use of the word and will speak out my opinion as i am free to do. i wish everyone would speak their opinion and not the one they are being told to have and they should do so without fear.
   simply calling out truth in a world of unbridled political correctness is not hate or bigotry. we live in an age where the truth must be stifled if it does not fit the progressive narrative. instead of assuming you are a bigot, think of yourself as a truth seeker. besides, expressing one's opinion should be something we have the freedom to do and we should not have it stomped on by the politically correct boot of censorship.
   what about letting kids play with the toys they want to play with? teaching or forcing them to play with certain toys because it better suits a sex neutral agenda is simply pcbs. if they want to play with neutral toys on their own, fine, it's their choice, don't make it yours.
   bruce jenner: the man had some alterations made to his body to give the appearance of a female. that does not a female make. he has decided to hang on to his hang-downs. that definitely does not a female make. why people get in an uproar over these truths is political correctness gone berserk. i could care less what a person does to his/her body, but let's not lose our senses over how we label the changes made. i get labeled a hater, yet nothing i said indicates hate in any way. i don't hate bruce or what he's done. i'm just pointing out logical truth. if i dress as a woman, act like a woman, and say i identify as a woman, i am still not a woman. i am a man pretending to be a woman. being called out as a man pretending to be a woman is not hate. i could go on about mental disorders, but i'll leave it at that.
   the "news" has become an opinionated view of social commentary. it's not so much the event itself that makes the news what it is, it's the reaction to the event that often becomes the news. usually, the more outrage and offense it generates, the more successful the news story. the more successful the news story, the higher the ratings. it's therefor imperative to make the "news" as controversial as possible, to get the people agitated enough to respond. it works very well at dividing people and generating the very hate people want to stop.
   we are a nation of overly sensitive easily offended pussified whiners that do as we are told. our spirit of adventure, freedom, and pride in country has been replaced with what we have now. the worst part is the sheeple accept this as the norm. it is demanded that we tolerate others and their beliefs. however, if your religion demands i die in order for you to go to heaven, then i do not have to tolerate that. islam demands our conversion or death. that can not be argued or explained away as false. it is so written and becomes clearly evident as you study the daily behavior of these lunatic muslims.
   do you want comforting lies or inconvenient truths?
   we are a nation of easily manipulated and under-informed sheeple that bend and sway with the blowing winds of whatever is currently going on in social media. today's uproar will fade into the next uproar, hardly any of which are the very important matters. politicians can then glom on to these ridiculous non-matters, all the while crafting their criminal ways right in front of our eyes, as long as we continue to be distracted with the daily bullshit. the days of thinking this is a nation of well educated and informed people has long been over. it's kind of ironic. we live at a time where all the information we need is at our fingertips, yet we are perhaps the least informed population in decades, when it comes to what's really important. the "news media" is only in it for ratings and know the people only want fluff stories to whip up this overly emotional population of pussies. it's actually difficult and takes time to gather truthful and factual news that isn't skewed right or left. it can be done, but we are basically on our own to dig for it.
   response to another 'all whites are racist' article: the one good thing this article promotes, is the fact the media has created and is rabidly promoting a white racism that just isn't a reality. are there white racists? sure, always has been, always will be. are all whites the racists the media promotes? no, and the narrative that they are is ridiculous. i doubt the main stream media will ever be trusted again in my lifetime. for me and i'm sure many others, i see the media as a source of pathetic humor, nothing more.
   california students say it’s culturally offensive to “the black and brown bodies" when whites wear hooped earrings: after much research in how to get their 15 minutes of "fame", these two stupids decided they own the trademark to hoop earrings. in another 24 hour news cycle, the left will move on to complaining that white people eating at 'taco bell' is appropriating mexican food. i appreciate the left for all it's doing to it's own downfall. every day brings another round of far-fetched whining that can not be taken seriously by most people. i do, however, feel sorry for the women that may have their hoops ripped out (from behind, as that's how cowards operate), simply because the sheeple left can't think for themselves and must comply to their current complaint du jour.
   there can be no such thing as a "field guide of all things PC", as the rules change daily and many are too hypocritical and would not play well together in the same guide.
   i can't wait until tomorrow's installment of "outraged and offended", where the sjw circle the wagons and fight the whiny fight against perceived injustice. in this episode, a woman dresses up in a costume from another culture and sjw lose their minds. so sadly pathetic, yet completely hilarious. carry on, sjw, you brighten my day, every day.
   the pc craze has become comical. it won't be long before 100% of everything white will be condemned as being racist and/or privileged. i take that back. i'm sure white toilet paper is seen as a stand against "white dominance", when used as directed.
   about the california law maker, declaring they need to teach children about the alleged russian "hacking" of the 2016 election: come on, people, it's california. does this really surprise anyone? they will not be satisfied until it becomes it's own sovereign socialist nation that will eventually need bailing out by it's former united states.
   anyone in california is welcome to tell us how great california is, when it comes to it's socialistic attitudes and the laws it has established, that limit the freedoms the people have to work and raise it's families. especially the way it runs it's schools and the pure pabulum it teaches the children. that goes for the adultbabies that occupy the millennialgartens it calls colleges.
   of course there are a lot of californians that do not like what's going on there. there are just not enough of you. hopefully, you can pull your state back out of it's own ass in time to save it from itself.
   about the biased media: there used to be a division, where the newscaster/reporter delivered the news as news and they delivered their editorials as editorials. nothing really wrong with that. there was a clear separation, where they even declared they were now editorializing, when giving opinion. now they deliver the news as editorials, hammering their biased opinion within their version of the news. it does not help that with the 24 hour news cycle, speedy delivery has replaced copious research and fact checking. now it's "i must spray out my opinionated news before the other networks do!", then defend the wrongs at all cost afterward. we the people are not buying it any longer and watching the media squirm every time they get busted is both entertaining and exhausting.
   confusing is: women and/or gays standing proud for islam, the very ideology that would readily subjugate and/or kill them, simply for being women and/or gay.
   come on, as if your logic or reason have any chance against illogical hysteria. let them have their cute little march and when they get home, they can get back to being miserable little whiners that accomplished a whole lot of nothing. if we're lucky, we'll get to see heavy set women dressed in their fine vagina regalia.
   someone remind me again what the word 'illegal' means, as it would appear that the illegal immigrant is not legal and is actually against the law. isn't knowingly and willingly coming to the assistance of criminal activity also against the law?
   count on the media to point the finger of hate when perpetrated by the right and looking the other way when the likely left is at it again. crying wolf only works for so long, before the assumption of bullshit becomes the norm. looking forward to tomorrow's installment of "the wolf!".
   if every so-called feminist male that was just marching to increase his chances of getting laid, would have stayed home, there would only be guys left whose wives made them go, with the promise of letting them take their balls out of her purse when they got home, but only for a little while, then back in they go.
   ok, ladies, your cute little march is over and those sandwiches are not going to make themselves!
   i don't know what happened. i went to bed on election night and when i woke up, women were stripped of their rights. anyone of a different sexual preference had also lost all their rights. blacks no longer had rights. everything was changed for the betterment of all white privileged males. the persecuted took to the streets, in an effort to get their rights back. they cried, they screamed, they destroyed property, and the media was there to champion their cause. hate and violence were being denounced, by hating on the accused suppressors, with violence. the tolerant were insistent, by being the least tolerant in their demand for tolerance. these are the progressives. they have all the answers. they know what's right for everyone and they insist you comply.~
   Up until the past couple of years I've never given much thought to being "white" but over time and as a result of the constant insults I'm definitely seeing things in a more racially aware way now. Being "white" is a much bigger part of my identity now days, if other races see the world through a racial lens we probably need to follow suit.
   being white is an accident of birth.....being a self absorbed, shallow jerk that makes bad life choices is a choice...I am not to blame for your bad choices....and I will not willingly underwrite them. White privilege is the privilege of being blamed for the shortcomings and hurt feelings of others.
   Here are the steps of islamic terrorist reaction:
1. This has nothing to do with Islam and he does not represent Islam.
2. Claim to be the "religion of peace".
3. It's blow back for the west being in the Mideast.
4. The guy was a "mentally ill".
5. It is "lone wolf attack".
6. It's just part of living in a big city.
7. Claim Christians do these things too.
8. Those who object are racist bigots.
9. Change Facebook profile to flag of inflicted country.
10. Light some candles, hold a vigil and go on a peace march.
11. Claim Muslims are the real victims.
12. Wait for the next Islamic terrorist attack to happen.
13. Go back to 1. Repeat as needed.

• sjw understand the difference between 58 'genders' but don't understand the difference between legal and illegal immigrants.
• sjw cry to instill complete equality in the west, but openly march alongside advocates of sharia law.
• sjw call for the end of racism, but openly and actively condemn the white race.
• sjw claim to be peaceful, tolerant, and progressive, but resort to violence and abuse when they don't get their way.
• sjw are manipulative, divisive, subversive, and the most hypocritically deluded people in the west. 
   Christine F, facebook, *sigh* let me splain.
Liberals beating people = not violent
Conservative speaking = violent
Conservative having opinion = hate
Them wanting to kill conservatives for it = not hate
Feminists demonizing men = not sexism
Men breathing air = sexist rapist beasts
Minority hating whites = not racism
Disagreeing with minority = racist p.o.s.
Enforcing immigration law = HUGE racist
Protect the border = xenophobe
Travel ban from countries that want to kill us = racist-xenophobic-islamaphobic-pos
Wearing red hat = worthy of decapitation
Actual decapitators = need asylum & hugs
White conservative = Nazi
White & not suicidal = white supremacist
Attack/drag/beat Trump voter = not assault
Disagree with a liberal = assault
Burn American flag = free speech
Burn any other flag = white nationalist
Liking gay conservative = racist-nazi-white supremacist
Liking any other gay person = progressive
Broken education system = sacred
Seeking better alternative = anti-child
Girls in boy scouts = good
Men in ladies' rooms = even better
White cop kills white = irrelevant
Black cop kills white = irrelevant
Black cop kills black = racism (go figure)
White cop kills black = hang him, take his badge, burn a flag, grab a bullhorn, loot the city, etc.
Black drive-by kills 8 yr. old = irrelevant

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